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A relationship with God is essential actually and the Bible is a guide. If you believe that Christianity and the Bible are not essential to life then you’ve never truly experienced the True love of God.

Christianity is portrayed wrong in todays world ,but having a true relationship with God and reading the Bible as a guide instead of as “garbage or a waste of space” is what we are supposed to do. because God and His word are neither garbage or a waste of space. God came down as a human being and suffered for all of us and everyone could know what Christianity really is if the world wasn’t so evil and the media would stop portraying ALL Christians as judge-mental liars, people would be able to see the truth.

As a Christian myself I strive to show people Gods love and not judge them. It’s only Gods place to judge another person, not me. I’m on this earth to share the truth about God and I will stand up For my beliefs and Gods word. Christianity and the Bible are essential. They are not worthless, garbage, or a waste of space.

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