Subway workers of reddit, what was the grossest sandwich you made?

Subway workers of reddit, what was the grossest sandwich you made?

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  1. We were across the road from a pub. A customer who’d been across the road all day came and ordered a meatball sub. He asked me to put every meat we had on it. Seafood, tuna, cold meats, the 4 different chickens we had at the time, everything. Was an absolute bitch to close and cost him something like $40 for one (6 inch) sandwich IIRC. He sat down inside and ate it all.

  2. I worked at Subway for a few months during my freshman year of college. The grossest thing I ever made wasn’t a sub but a salad I made for an older lady. She came in right before closing and she asked for a salad with shredded lettuce, cut up ham, and mayonnaise. So. Much. Mayo. I squeezed a few lines on her salad and looked up at her to ask if that was too much and she said “oh no baby, I’m going to need a lot more than that” and I ended up squeezing what seemed like almost half of the squeeze bottle on her salad. The top of the lettuce ham bowl she asked for was completely covered in mayo like a blanket of creamy snow. I swear the ratio of mayo to lettuce was like 3:1. She even got extra mayo in a little cup on the side “just in case”. It really stuck in my memory because I remember she got so much mayo we had to prep another bottle of it before we could close.

  3. A guy came in with a Tupperware bowl of nattō and asked us to put it on a Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt. We’re not allowed to do that, so we just made him the sandwich and he took it to his table. He came back a few minutes later and asked if we could heat his sandwich more. It was pretty clear that he’d added the nattō himself and now wanted us to cook the damn stuff. He was polite, so my coworker obliged. Our place smelled like rotting rat anus for the rest of the day.

  4. I worked at a location next to a huge music venue so we got a lot of drunk people pretty often. One dude came in and wanted an “everything”. I told him “yeah we don’t really do an ‘everything’ sub.” And then I made suggestions of some subs like the BMT that have a lot of stuff that actually does go together. He said “no I want EVERYTHING”.

    So I’m like, alright I don’t give a fuck about this job, let’s go. I start at the start and ask what bread. First thing in the line is the meatballs in marinara sauce. “You want meatballs?” Yup he does. “OK which cheese? All of em?” Yup. “Ham? Turkey? Salami? Chicken?” Sounds good. And it went on like that. Along with every ingredient he also got every sauce AND the seafood sensation.

    After filling it with goddamn everything the sub didn’t close so I just did my half-assed-est to roll it up and gave it to the guy since almost everyone took their subs to go at that point in the night. He left and I never saw him again.

  5. Two ladies used to come in every week and order footling chicken strip subs.

    Nothing out of the ordinary.

    Until the condiment section, that is. Both wanted to have half a sauce bottle of mayonnaise squirted onto their subs.

    I’d stand there for several seconds piling it on waiting for them to say ‘when’. When they finally stopped, the subs were dripping with mayo.

    There was more mayo than sub.

    Another dude used to like his seafood sensation + chicken teriyaki combo.

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