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Hewwo cuties :3 I currently am writing a book concerning gay boys, their relationships and sexual topics. It’s not very long right now, because I’m still writing it, but if there are any boys among that would be interested in reading it, I will gladly share the text. Since I wrote it in my first language, which is Polish, it may take me a while to accurately translate it into English, but again, if there will be enough of you interested, I’m willing to do it. Its title right now is “Warm boys and their sexual anatomy”. Warm means in Polish “ciepły” and that word is a synonym to “gay”. So, if there will be, say, 75 interested (please upvote if you’re interested), I’ll translate the fragments that are finished at the moment and I will post the text in this sub. :3 I wish you all a good week, sweeties! ❤️


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