We speak of what we know, and we testify to what we have seen, this work is raw and requires one to put emotions and biases aside as they read through it.

Let’s start with pointing out straight that the original population of the entire world was once black people, this is common knowledge that doesn’t require rocket science, if you’d done your research you’d know that before the invasion of the Caucasian race every country around the world had a black indigenous population, you’d know about the black Holocaust that took place all around the world resulting in mass slaughter, mass slavery and mass destruction of history, you’d know about the impersonating of the Caucasian race in every corner of the earth where they successfully wiped out the indigenous population, therefore the Caucasian cannot be trusted to tell us who we are or who he is in our story. Let’s delve in this truth, the word Negro is simply a Spanish word for black, the word Moor, Morocco, Mauris, Mauritius, Mauritania etc comes from the Greek word mavro” which literally means “black, blackened or charred, the word Ethiopia or Ethiop comes from Greek meaning Burned face or black, Ham or Kham or Kemet is also an ancient Egyptian word for black people or land of the blacks, Cush also means black, Hebrew derives from Kikuyu (Bantu) word “Kabiru” which means black people, this means the Zondervan Bible dictionary showing difference between Negro and black either refer to the negroes (Niger-Congo) and other Africans (Hamites) or just another way to belittle Africa and shove an entire continent into a single classification, nevertheless we can’t offord to take their words for it, we have proved that Negro, Black, Ethiop, Kemet, Cush, Hebrew, Zanj, Moor are all words used in medieval time to mean black people, this can also be backed up by the fact that all population of the earth were black. Now we have to use cultural references, linguistic facts and the Bible to identify every bloodline with their heritage today. The word Ntu which signifies community or nation or people, not just any people, it signifies a kindred, a bloodline, and from the word ntu we also have the word Bantu, and ‘ba’ is a prefix to denote pluralism, a multitude, therefore Bantu also signifying the people. Bantu or Abantu is a pure Bantu word for “the people”, Bayith or Bayitu also translates to house of God, people of God, family of and nation of God. Muntu means a person, the ‘mu’ is singular prefix, a particular person of Bantu ancestry, in the word Muntu comes the word Mutu, Mutu which signifies “the head”, in Bantu knowledge this makes a Muntu or Bantu the head of people, head of nations, head of the world. In Deuteronomy 6:7, it says that the Bantu, the people, and his ntu are are a chosen people, a holy people and above all people, this clearly shows us that the covenant that our creator made with our ancestors placed them above all people, the head of nations, being Muntu being you’ve been elevated above all people and all nations, this is also repeated by 1 Peter 1. Today, the word Bantu and Negro are often used by various people to cause divisions, to create confusion and many times out of ignorance. In Africa, all black people are often referred to as Negroes by non-melanated species, all these terms were used by the stranger to identify the original population. All Abantu are Negroes/blacks but not all Negroid people are Abantu, but most of the time when people throw around the word “negro” in Africa, it is usually referring to a typical Bantu, a Central to Sub Saharan African individual, it’s not secret that other Africans, including black Africans often refer to a Muntu as Bantu or Negro, only as a sign of insult or degrading, Nilotes and Cushites use this words more often to look down upon someone or people from Bantu speaking tribes. West Africa is often wrongfully marked, West African countries with highest Bantu population, includes Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Congo, DRCongo and Angola, interesting how modern West Africa is often referred to as the Negro and Bantu homeland at the same time, because Bantu; a Negroid people themselves are said to have lived in that area and can easily blend in among other Negroes. Bantu were the main people taken into captivity both in the North and South America, during both Arab and European enslavement of Africans, this is the original truth and what’s mostly recorded in colonial archives. The recent study showing a surprising West African ancestry has happened through three means, first, because West Africa was inhabited by Bantu who significantly intermingled with neighbouring population mainly the igbo and Yoruba, second, the fact that other non-Bantu West Africans are said to have already been in America prior to Slavery and Columbus through the expeditions of the great Mansa Musa and his brother Abubakar 2, and last but not least, the fact that throughout the 1900s to today non-Bantu West Africans were the predominant willing migrants to America and Europe, long before even Bantu started willingly migrating to the West, many of them migrated in search for a better life and intermingled with Bantu slaves already there, this not to refute the fact that some non-Bantu West African people were also sold by their own kings, it is important to know that there are no records whatsoever of Bantu in the Americas prior to the trans Atlantic slavery.

Africa has over 3000 tribes, said to have the population of over 1.216 billion people (2016), among which Bantu are the largest family in the continent of Africa, about 600 tribes making roughly 30% of the African population, about 350 million people, this without even including the scattered population, the largest Bantu population is found in the DRCongo, with over 200 Bantu tribes, accounting for almost half of all the Bantu tribes worldwide, this makes the Bantu the largest population of Sub Saharan Africa. Bantu are probably the only largely diversed/scattered yet intertwined ethnicity in the entire world, even without Western influences, it’s almost impossible to separate Bantu languages and people as the linguistic and cultural similarities from one Bantu language to another, from one Bantu culture to another are remarkably the same, Bantu are the same people regardless their colonial geographical location. Bantu languages, culture and the people are the only largest and diverse population on earth, scattered throughout the world but with such unique sameness. We can’t begin to elaborate the sameness between Bantu and the biblical Israelites, and how 600 tribes are one family, one culture and one language distributed into dialects, below is how we say “My people” in every Bantu languages in different African countries, just look at the significant similarities, we are literally the same people: Lingala (Bato na ngai), Swahili (watu wangu), Zulu (bantu bakithi), Shona (vanhu vangu), Xhosa (bantu bam), Kinyarwanda (Abantu bwanjye), Gikuyu (Andū akwa), Nyanja (anthu anga), Luganda (abantu banje), Sesotho (batho ba ka), Tswana (batho betsho), Siphuthi (batfhu bekhethu), Lunda (Antu zhami), Kwaya (Abhanu bhani), Setswana (Batho ba rona), Bembe (batu bane), Sepedi (batho baka), Yeyi (awatu wanga), Bahunde (bandu báni), Kamba (Andu makwa), Bemba (abantu bandi) etc…The word for month, moon and female menstrual circle is the same exact word; Mwezi; including in Zulu, Kikuyu, Shona, Xhosa, Ndebele, Nyanja, Tswana, Kinyarwanda(Hutu), Bembe, Mashi, Havu, Nande, Lega, Fuliro, Bahunde, Nandi, Luya, Luba, Lunda, Bemba, Lemba, Luganda, and all the Bantu languages. Another fact of great importance, the word moon in the Kikongo(Bantu) language is qode, qoda, goda, in paleo-Hebrew the word for moon is חֹדֶשׁ: qode, qoda, same words meaning the same exact thing, qode or qoda both meaning Moon and Month in Kikongo and in Paleo Hebrew, it also means the return of the lunar cycle, determining the monthly biblical Calendar Siracide 43:6-8, Psalm 104:19 , Genesis 1:16, something totally different from the Gregorian calendar, which the Romans imposed on us to today as per Daniel 7:25. Each descendant of Bantu knows who they are, deep down they do, growing up we had our parents and grandparents telling us that we are children of the covenant, they used different words because some had no idea what they were saying, others knew but were worried about the coloniser finding out, or people not being willing to accept this fact, but the Bantu people know, because frankly, with or without religious influences their lifestyle and culture is the Basic Bible. I hope that everyone finds their place, that the non Bantu original population to find themselves and the Bantu to awake and lead through Tata Nzambi, Sonini na nini, the Most High Yah, because the whole world is waiting for their awakening, the essayist Frantz Fanon said that Africa is the shape of a pistol, and Kongo is the trigger, the heart of Africa and the cradle of humanity. There’s no debating whether Bantu are the 12 tribes of Israel scattered to the four corners of the world, because there’s no a multitude of people so scattered yet carrying such significant and unique commonness as the Bantu, their language is the actual Paleo Hebrew, their traditions are everything that’s written in the bible, a monotheistic people, their history of migration, slavery and colonialism, no wonder Arabs slavers referred to them as people of the book, and earlier European slavers would easily distinguished them from other Africans, you’ve read about the great 12 Bantu Kingdoms, including the Kingdom of Kongo, Kingdom of Zulu, Kingdom of Baluba, Kingdom of Lunda, Kingdom of Kuba, Kingdom of Mbundu, Kingdom of Buganda, Kingdom of Mutapa, Kingdom of Butooro, Kingdom of Mapungubwe, Ndongo kingdom and Kingdom of Zimbabwe, and other sub branches, about the history of Kimpa Vita who in late 1600s claimed all Israelites were Black/Bantu people and Yissayah (Messiah) was Bantu, about the first slave ship in 1619 carrying over 300 Bantu from Angola to Virginia, about the message of Leopold 2 King of Belgium to Christian missionaries sent to Kongo reminding them that these people’s ancestors walked with Yah, about the Lembas Bantu Israelites, about the Angolan prison in Louisiana America, about Simon Kimbangu killed after 30 years in prison for claiming Israelites were Bantu black people, all the last slave that left Southern Africa and closed the curses of Deuteronomy 28, Bantus are the only group of people in the world practicing circumcision not as religiously required but as their culture, over 600 tribes, one people scattered across the world through slavery and other means, though divided by waters, colonial borders and subdivisions, they are still the same people in both Americas, in Africa, in Europe and Asia, this is the truth which was kept from them.

The Y Chromosome Haplogroup E1B1A is said to be significantly predominant in Subsaharan Africans; mainly among the Bantu, it is indeed evident that not only the Bantu have this marker but even tribes surrounding them, it is rather the original marker of the Niger-Congo family, aka the Shemetic bloodline, the Niger-Congo comprises of approximately 1,540 tribes, making more than half of the Africa population. E1b1b is said to be of descendants of Ham or the Hamitic marker, and the E1b1c (or haplogroup C) is the genetic marker for the descendants of Japheth, the Y Chromosome E1b1, being the ancestor of the three, is therefore the marker of our late male human ancestor Noah, all these are descendants of the Y-chromosome E haplogroups which is said to be the original male genome originated in areas within Eastern Africa, also the Archeological and paleontological evidence point to Eastern Africa as the likely area of early evolution of modern humans, this E haplogroup would be known today as the first human, aka Adam, remember Africa; anciently known as Alkebulan which is another word for Eden and East thereof is where the Garden of Eden was located as said in Genesis 2:8 “And the Most High Yah planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed”, these are areas around Eastern Congo, Ugana, Tanzania and Kenya. Genetic studies also indicate that populations from the region often contain, but not exclusively, representatives of the more basal clades of mitochondrial and Y-chromosome phylogenies. Regardless of the importance of DNA in tracing the ancestries and genetic similarities, it is honest to say DNA is often corrupted by the people controlling this world, hence the case of the Lemba; a Bantu tribe being recently claimed as sharing the same bloodline with the fake Caucasian Jewish community in Middle East. This therefore proves that despite most of these theories aligning with our culture and oral history, the DNA alone; of much importance, it is not enough to prove the race or tribe of ancient Israelites nor does it quality one to be from Bantu lineage as there’s no ancient Israelite subject(corps) to confirm this claim, but it is interestingly important to note that Bantu are the only people on the face of the earth that can prove their Israelite identity both historically, traditionally, linguistically and even biblically to be the descendants of the ancient biblical Israelites, it’s the only difference between Bantu languages and so called Paleo (Ancient) Hebrew is in writing, because through colonialism, the modern Bantu was forced to write his language in Roman writing, but despite all these you can still find people in the middle of Kongo who can still write Paleo Hebrew without learning the modern Hebrew recently invented to push the Jewish agenda, you have to be a conscious Bantu to understand this. The ancestry DNA tests people are taking will most likely lead one back to where their earliest ancestor was captured from; because that’s the only European recorded information ,and not necessarily indicating the race or one’s actual homeland, that’s why they often request for a family tree information because the Ancestry DNA alone can not provide 100% accurate results; for instance, while biological siblings have the same family tree, their genetic code might be different in at least one of the areas looked at in a given test, even siblings only share about 50 percent of the same DNA, this applies even to twins. But if one is that curious and trust these pharmaceutical companies then he’s free to take the DNA test, but if you are Bantu, deep down you know. In regards to current ancestry DNA tests being conducted on our people, one has to think and ask themselves, why would the white man who lied to us about who we are, used all kinds of mechanisms and techniques to destroy us and program us to forget who we are today be willing to tell us the truth, it’s like what Miriam Makeba said “you can’t expect people who enslaved you to tell the truth about you, they will always tell lies, and they need to do so to justify their evil”, the Bible also tells us that the enemy only comes to steal, kill and destroy, and i have learned from scriptures that the only time the devil uses half truth is to manipulate the people and only for his own good. Prophetically, these are the years of Exodus, but there’s an ongoing agenda to continue deceiving our people with the so called year of return backed up by Western imperialists and their DNA business, the truth is that it’s not in the slave masters interest for Bantu people in the diaspora to fully know who they are, because once they do no one will stop them, that’s why they will always use half truth to continue deceiving our people, just like Leopold 2 King of Belgium told his missionaries sent to Congo to only use the truth to benefit themselves, the devil can only tell you the truth when it’s convenient for me, they’d rather send Bantus in the diaspora to other African countries rather than directing them where they belong, that’s why despite evidence of Bantu presence in both North and South America, the descendants of slaves today are being regrouped in only two modern countries, Nigeria and Ghana, countries with currently almost no Bantu descendants and countries which were highly historically involved in the enslaving of Bantu during the transatlantic slavery and even the so called modern Libyan slavery. Don’t be deceived, yes Bantu lived in West Africa, a small minority still live there, mainly in Cameroon and Gabon, a large percentage of Shemites and Hebrews live all around the West African area, but the largest population of the Bantu/Israelites is in Sub Saharan Africa, below the equator, beyond the rivers of Cush, from Cameroon and Congo in the West to Southern Africa, from Kenya and Tanzania in the East to Namibia, and statistics show that the chances for an African American or any descendants of Bantu in diaspora to be treated fairly in these countries below the equator is almost 9 out of 10 because these people are traditionally welcoming, and the strong resentment that the people stolen from Africa were predominantly of Bantu stock, and most of most diaspora who have settled in these land below the Sahara can testify about the difference with Ghana and Nigeria, they all say they feel more like home, because they are home.

It is said that after the out of Egypt migration many Bantu migrated to what is today known as Sub Saharan Africa, from there they divided into different routes, Central, East and Southern thereof, those who were in West lived up there until the beginning of trans Atlantic slavery when massively started migrating further South(Sub Saharan Africa) most fleeing slavery among a few other reasons, many of them captured and taken to the four corners of the world, and the remains could not continue migrating due to Western colonial borders structured during the Kongo Berlin conference in 1884. I understand that everyone wants to be associated with Bantu today in order to be drafted in, but unfortunately the truth doesn’t submit to emotions, and yes there are still a small minority of Bantu in the interior of West Africa to this day, they are as far as São Tomé, Cape Verde all the way to Mauritania, but as i said they are only a minority and most of them are still oppressed or living the in worst condition due to segregation. The Bantu migration is Israelites migration into Africa, it is labeled such because it happened the same time biblical Israelites are said to have left Egypt and using the same exact route, all Bantu came into Sub Saharan Africa during the Bantu exodus, but many Bantu didn’t go through the West African line as the Caucasian previously claimed, they expanded into different territories of their new homeland, they all shared an oral account of coming through the East African line, crossing the Nile River and all said to have been arriving in Sub Saharan Africa between 1500 and 1000 BCE, after the arrival in their new settlement, other causes such as enslavement among many resulted in many of them being further scattered, first from the Assyrians, then the Babylonians, then the Arabs, then the Europeans, this was also one of the major factors why their was no much development, today many Bantu don’t even know that they are the biblical Israelites, they practiced their culture which is biblical and have no idea why. Some tribes in Western Africa today are called Semi-Bantu for a reason, a few others in Cameroon are called proto-Bantu because they are earlier Bantu tribes who migrated into the western part of Africa from ancient Egypt including all of modern day Middle East, the semi-Bantu are Bantus significantly admixed with non-Bantu Africans (nations). Shocking that the Bantu in the Americas who’s been disconnected from their own people and roots for centuries and taken far away from home somehow still practice Bantu spirituality, culture and even languages, yes they mix it up with other things but it’s still is purely Bantu, unlike some tribes in Africa claiming to be Bantu yet have no connections whatsoever while they live just next door. While the Bantu might have adopted some Egyptian, Assyrian, Phoenician, Latin, Greek etc words and habits because we dwelled in those lands at some point in time, this doesn’t chance the fact that Bantu are the only people on earth who’s culture and linguistics are everything that’s written in the Bible, no one else can say this with proof, our ways of life from birth, naming, at age 12 to age 30, from marriage practices to laws, from old age to death, we are the people of the book.

After a thorough examination and research, going through books after books on this matter, it is safe to say that the unlike the Nilotes; also known as the Nilo-Hamites or Nilo-Saharan who are clearly descendants of Ham, the Niger-Congo family is the progenitor of the descendants of Shem, but let’s break it down further. All the indigenous population of the entire world were originally black, it is safe to say that both Ham, Shem and Japheth were black. Ham had four sons, Cush, Phut, Mizraim and Canaan. The original Cushites are the dark skinned population predominantly found in East Africa today, the Nilotic family is divided into two branches, the darker and tall modern day Sudanic tribes are the descendants of Cush, predominantly the Luos, the Dinka, the Nuer, the Mandika and others, the descendants of the great Nimrod, these are the same people whom Isaiah 18 warned, “a people tall and smooth-skinned, a people feared far and wide, an aggressive nation of strange speech, whose land is divided by rivers, dwelling along the rivers of Cush”, and the second branch is the East African Nilotes, predominantly the Tutsis (remnants of ancient Philistines), Maasai, Oromo, Turkana and many other relatives, also originally dark skinned Nilotic tribes, these are original Egyptians descendants of Mizraim predominantly found in Eastern Africa with a small minority in West Africa, the original Phutites are still the dark skinned people in Northern Africa (in exception of Berbers and Tuareg), these includes some original dark skinned tribes of Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania, Algeria, and Ethiopia, there’s also a large portion of land in Somalia called Puntland (Punt or Put). Then the original Canaanites are predominantly living together with Bantu, the so called indigenous population of Sub Saharan Africa, so called Pygmies, the Pygmies are divided into few groups, the twa, the Koikoi and the Koisan, etc. Japheth had many sons, him and his descendants were all originally black people just like the original population of the entire world, but because they lived in the north as per the book of Jubilees, most of his descendants were whited out by the seed of the fallen, Japheth descendants are currently known as the aboriginal (black) population in Europe, Asia, America and the big 5 islands as spoken in scriptures including indigenous Australia, black Asians, American Indians, the indigenous population of South America, and other indigenous populations in Pacific Islands, only a small minority. Shem had many children, among the men is Elam, Ashur, Arphaxad, Lud and Aram, they were the original black shemetic population and each had descendants of their own, Hebrews comes from Eber, grandson of Arphaxad a Shemite, Peleg and Joktan are the known sons of Eber and the original Hebrews, Abram comes from the lineage of Peleg and between them are 7 generations each with multiple relatives of Shemetic Hebrews Genesis 10, 11, the descendants of Abraham are all Shemetic Hebrews as well, including the descendants of Ismael, Jacob and his two sons Isaac and Esau. Jacob also known as Israel inherited the land of Canaan, which is most of Sub Saharan Africa, and is today known as the Bantu lineage beyond the rivers of Cush and scattered throughout the world, many people want to be Shemetic Hebrew Israelites; AKA Bantu because they simply share a certain similarities with them, most don’t realise that the Shemetic lineage is long and wide, and that even the Hebrew lineage is also large, mainly the Hebrews, because remember in Genesis 22:15-18 the Bible speaks about the descendants of Abraham being multiplied and blessed to be as numerous as the stars in the sky and as the sand on the seashore, an important fact which most people tend to overlook, the fact that Abraham had 8 sons (Hebrews) and through them came 8 completely different Hebrew bloodlines and possibly 8 completely different versions of Hebrew languages (from the original Hebrew), the question is why no one wants to talk about this? Why all of a sudden everyone wants to be Bantu (Israelites)? Where are all these descendants of Abraham? And where are all the descendants of the 8 sons of Shem? The answer is simpler than you’d think, but some people will not like it because they mostly clouded by emotions, all the original Shemetic tribes and Shemetic Hebrew tribes are found in Africa today (except the descendants of slaves scattered in diaspora), they are predominantly the area known today as Sub Saharan Africa, many Sub Saharan African tribes share some similarities with the Bantu, some even speak about their similarities to Bantu languages because they are either Shemetic, Hebrews or simply Hamitic dwelling with the Bantu; ie the Nilo-Hamites(Tutsis) and the Pygmies (Canaanites). West Africa has a high population of Shemites, Hebrews (including but not limited to the original Ismaelites and Edomites and so forth) and some remnants of the Egyptians (Mizraim), but only Bantu living among them are Israelites. Note this, among the original Shemites and Hebrews, only Jacob (Israelites) inherited the Abraham promise, only Bantu branch of Africa and scattered throughout the world have been proven culturally, spirituality, historically, linguistically and even backed up with science to be the covenant and biblical people.

The book of Jubilees says that Japheth was given the Northern part of earth and the five big islands for inheritance (Jubilees 8:25:30), the Bible describes it as the coldest part of the earth, modern day Europe, America and Asia and all the big islands, the same land which Satan and his angels were casted to, “For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:” Isaiah 14:13. Ham was given the hottest part of the earth (Jubilees 22:24), the hottest part of the world is Middle East and all of Northern Africa, and Shem was given the middle of the earth, a not so hot and not so cold part of the world, which is the vast land below the Sahara, from West Africa all the way to Southern Africa (Jubilees 8:12), note that Congo is called the centre of the earth and the heart of Africa because it is smack bang in the middle of the entire world with the equator line cutting right through it into two almost equal parts. The Bible says Canaan was cursed once for the sin of his father Ham Genesis 9:27, he was cursed the second time for stealing a vast portion of the land given to Shem as per Jubilees 7:1-14 and Jubilees 10:29-34, this clearly clarifies that the so called land of Canaan was never really his. Canaan was cursed twice to be a servant of servants, and his descendants are minority as they only remained in small numbers spared by the hand of the Bantu who took over the land of their inheritance, the descendants of Canaan today are the pygmies branches currently living in Sub Saharan Africa among the Bantu, there is much evidence that the pygmies were already in Sub Saharan Africa before the Bantu migrated back to Sub Saharan Africa from Egypt, it is also said that Pygmies are part of the founding fathers of the earliest Egyptian civilisation, historians also recorded that at some point in time Europe had a Pygmy negroid population until they wiped them out. After the exodus from Egypt, the Israelites, the so called Bantu went back in the land of their promise, beyond the rivers of Cush, so called Sub Saharan Africa where they are found in majority today, right around the equator line all the way South, this vaste beautiful land was promised by the Most High only to the Israelites (Genesis 13 and 14). The Shemites and Hebrews from other lineages different from Bantu/Israelites are still found in Sub Saharan Africa today, predominantly in West and central Africa, the most notable are the Yorubas, and the igbos, being the descendants of Abraham from his second Egyptian wife Keturah (Genesis 25), all of whom Abraham sent away with their mothers to keep them away from Isaac’s promise and to preserve his pure bloodline through Sarah, and the simplest explanation why the Igbo and Yoruba cultures have such a significant Egyptian influence. Some Igbos claim their ancestor was called Eri, people have recently started connecting the Igbo mythical Eri with the Eri son of Gad, but this is still far fetched, and if this was true then his descendants; in exclusion of all the Igbo, would be Israelites. because according to Igbo history, Eri was the first settler and founder of the modern day Eastern area of Nigeria, but this Eri was simply the founder of the area, not necessarily an Igbo as Igbos were among some of the population around there, interestingly enough, the same area is said to be a homeland to some Bantu tribes who migrated through West Africa, Igbo’s oral history of migration from Egypt still contradicts this theory as it happened long before the Israelites/Bantu left Egypt, and noteworthy both the igbos and Yoruba believe they predate the Bantu, they even believe themselves to be Egyptians, and matter of fact, the Igbo and Yoruba languages are a lot similar to Ancient Egyptian languages and Voodoo is dominant in that area where they are indigenous to, but nevertheless, Igbo and Yoruba have an undeniable Hebraic origin as well, but until the Eri branch of the Igbo claim a Bantoid ancestry, we cannot make them one. The Fulanis and the Wolof are among the original Assyrians (from Asshur son of Shem), they had a significant admixture with the Cushites and the Egyptians. The Hausa, Tuareg and Berbers are among the Hebrews from the lineage of Ismael; son of Abraham’s Egyptian wife Hagar, and the Idoma, the Whydah (Ouida) and all the Akan tribes are the only original Hebraic remnants of Esau son of Isaac and brother of Jacob (Genesis 36:27-32), and the country of Ghana was named after one of the wifes of Esau; Anah (Genesis 36:2-12) noticed the name Adah or Adaego, Adaeze, Adaiba, Adaku, etc? This name Ada is mostly common in West Africa than elsewhere today, mainly by Igbo people, also the Idoma are predominantly Nigerians while the Akan live in the area of modern day Ghana, other descendants of Esau were whited out, these Remnant of Esau; mainly the Akan tribes and Whyda (ouidah) of Benin were tremendously involved in the trans-Atlantic slavery selling Bantu (mainly) and other West African Hebrews, some people are trying too hard to associate the name Akan with Achan in the Bible who’s from the lineage of Judah, they don’t realise that Achan and all his descendants were stoned to death and burned for disobedience (Joshua 7). The Nubian tribes found in North East Africa are Hamitic; mainly from the lineage of Mizraim and a small minority from Cush, i mentioned early that there are also a remnant of the Israelites still in West Africa but a tiny minority, these includes the Fang, Basaa, Sawabantu, Bible, Makaa, Beti, Mbam, Manenguba, Bafia, Beti and Jarawan. Bantu believe their ancestral homeland to be Kongo (Sub Saharan African); the land not so cold and not so hot, the richest land flowing with milk and honey, not West Africa, many Bantu believe they migrated to Egypt and only came back during exodus time, this is backed up by many scholars and Bantu leaders, in many Bantu traditions they believe in a migration from Egypt into the areas they are settling now, they believed to have crossed the Nile river into Sub Saharan Africa, some just say to have come from the North, this is also relevant considering north Africa is where all the old civilisations took place, including Babylonia in North East and Assyria (Ashur) in the West thereof, which also explains both their Egyptian, Babylonian and Assyrian captivities. King Bungane of Southern Africa himself testified that our oral history explains this clearly, he said Bantu comes originally from Kongo, he also said that after the out of Egypt migration many Bantu went through Ethiopia and settled there for a bit before migrating to Sub Saharan Africa, this easily explains the fact that Shem was originally Sub Saharan African, and later found himself in Egypt while Canaan the cursed occupied his land, but when the Bantu returned home to the land given back to them by the Most High they took over all of Sub Saharan Africa today, and after Egypt was in the hand of the seed of the fallen, many inhabitants including the indigenous population; the so called Nilotes massively started migrating south, these same people later helped the seed of the fallen enslave the Bantu through the Arab and trans Atlantic slavery.

Thinking out loud, have you ever wondered why the first slaveship and the last slave ship are all recorded to have been transporting Bantu people? Also, do you know why West Africa has more Slave dungeons than any other part of the continent and why the population of Bantu in that area decreased immensely at the beginning of slavery? Have you ever wondered why colonialism was remarkably harsh and mass killing people in mainly Bantu nations than other African nations? For instance, in Congo by Belgium, in Angola by Portugal, in Kenya by Britain, in Namibia by Germany, in Zimbabwe by Britain, in South Africa by Dutch and Britain, in Rwanda/Burundi by Portugal, Belgium and Tutsis, and the list could go on. If you know about the preferences of Bantu slaves during the Arab/Indian Ocean slavery as the people of the holy book, and the demand for Bantu slaves during the trans-Atlantic slavery then you will understand what i mean, the fact is that Europeans and Arabs captured Bantu themselves, but native Africans, mainly West African Kingdoms were involved in the capturing process of people from Bantu tribes because many considered them a threat, this is not about preaching hate among black people but simply pointing out facts to help shade light into history and create a clear path for all. Bantu the Israelites scattered throughout the world, you have to know that we are living in a world of duality, and the seed of the fallen would to anything to duplicate the original people as they have done so throughout the world, you have to know the difference between Israelites and Israelis, Judah and Jews or Shemetic and Semitic, scriptures says Satan turned himself into an Angel of light and wanted to be like God, scriptures also say the seed of the fallen would try to put graven images of themselves in the Bible as they have done, but scriptures also say that we shall know them by their fruits, the so called Jewish people are a religious groups inspired by the seed of the fallen who at some point in time had access to Bantu spirituality with intent to assume it as their own and to destroy the true biblical Israelites as said in Psalm 83, these imposters call themselves Jews, they include but not limited to Ashkenazi Jews, Sephardic Jews, Mizrahi Jews, Ethiopian Jews, Fallasha Jews, Abayodeya Jews, Igbo Jews, Yoruba Jews and even Lemba Jews, these are simply Jewish communities converts to Judaism religion all around the world who have nothing with the covenant but are all part of the great deception. Israelites are a bloodline, it’s in their NDA, their culture and language, Lemba are pure Bantu but have associated themselves with the imposters and learning stranger languages not realising it’s a new form of Western colonialism. Bantu are not represented by stars in the sky, nor by Moon or Sun, we donnot abide by the cross, stone nor the ankh, we do not bow to any principalities.


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