The Friend Zone is 100% real.

The Friend Zone is 100% real.

The FZ is a relationship in which a woman knows a man wants to be romantic partners with her and chooses to lead him on to acquire the benefits of a romantic relationship without him receiving any benefits that would be associated with a relationship.

She will allow him to take her on dating activities and he will definitely pay for everything as if they’re dating. She keeps him just close enough to yank his chain to keep him producing resources for her. She’ll even get angry if he shows interest in another woman bc this is a threat to her resource. He will see this as a sign that she really wants more and will put up with her BS.

Example: My ex was in a sorority and they had a name for guys like this they called the “free lunch club”. They openly laughed about doing this to guys.

This behavior is ethically and morally wrong.

Women in this group will now try to personally attack me rather than address this very real and uncomfortable truth

Cue the REEEEEEEEEE!!!! in 3..2..1..

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