The New Gorillaz Album is Based on Nintendo Games

The entire album is interpolated from Super Mario and Crash Bandicoot.

Cracker Island is an interpolation of the first seconds of Underground Theme from Super Mario 3D World.

Tarantula sounds like Super Mario. Even with the overpitched “I neeeeed you”, they could have added a “Mamma Mia” to make it that obvious.

“green velvet in a passing den” – green textures in a passing level.

“Through polymer dunes, I dance tonight, with you frozen under under mirrored lights” – the first levels in Mario and Sonic games are always a green hill level. Mirrored lights = the screen of your Switch.

Fairy like companions as in Oil evokes the image of Zelda.

That’s also the true meaning of Baby Queen which afaik is interpolated from a Crash Bandicoot song but I don’t remember too well.

But Thailand has male succession, meaning Thai Princessess NEVER get to be Queen. Just like Zelda and Peach.

I think they realized after Song Machine was done, it looks like Crash Bandicoot, with the warp portals and the “Pink Phantom”. In the Crash games you have to collect pink phallic shaped crystals that crash hides in his pants. Especially Lost Chord looks like a Jetski level from Crash 3.

So if you say it sounds like Animal Crossing, that is intentional. Damon also played that game with Beck during the production of Song Machine.

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