The truth about the angry birds

Were the Angry Birds responsible for 9/11?

Yes, 9/11 was an incident of the great Bird – Pig Hyperwar starting in 1966 AD and lasting 2737 years after the near extinction of the birds and piggies being the deadliest war in history with more than 833 Billion Birds dead and 765 Billion Pigs dead. The Incident started after the leader of the Islamic Emirate of Michiganistan Peter Muhammed Griffon mad due to the USA supporting Ohio in the battle of Toledo started a rumor that the king of the Pig State was in the World Trade Center. Causing a band of Birds to be sent to kill the king of the Pig State. Although, the Pig Leader was not there and the birds “accidentely” killed 2,977 people in the attack. As a result the USA invaded Michiganistan as part of their interventions in the unstable region known as the middle west. This invasion was supported especially by Donald J Trump so he could build a Trump Tower in Detroit. It was a massive success and Peter Muhammed Griffon fled to Indiana after failing to invade Wisconsin and losing 80 % of his army. 6 years later he was assassinated by the Pigs. In conclusion, the Angry birds were responsible for 9/11.

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