This is Definitional Copy-Pasta, it’s a Theory, “not yet a theory,” just, unrelated, “but…what would it mean if it weren’t?” Mad Science thoughts; Ghost Witch Semiotica, so:

# Dog Barks,

“what is annoying, when it’s annoying,” or when it catches you off guard; like fucking Shoepenhauer talks of in his chapter of Pessimism,

>**Noise,** Noise, Motherfuckers in Carts, Motherfuckers Banging, Clanging; the fuck, man; and beat horses, too, beat themselves, don’t have a horse to beat- it’s fucked up, more so than people say

…that’s, *summary,* but go off and read it I haven’t in at least a year; so,

The cat is bored and wants attention, It IS an Emergency, She insists, and POOF- the same, “you and me we talk together,” I am inside of, you are inside of, albeit a little seperated in space and time that this is what goes away; it’s interruptive, I’m saying,

# What if it’s always interruptive; what if speech is always interruptive, and the conveyance occurs through the, “I know what you’re thinking, what thought leads from there, and further on, HALT!”

# [Watch This,](

[Not This, or…](

# [This read this](, OK Back to Father Riley, the Guy,

It occurs to me as obvious that in their, “**tennis game,”**

# The Priest Takes it for granted that God Exists, Paradoxically, That this is a Closed Chapter and thus his interests, or, his,

>[\[the priests discursive/utterance/creative\]]( activity and discourse [\[which are\]]( evaluatively charged and context specific,

…are all **outside of the realm of Catholic Doctrine and Dogma,** ***wherein/within which auto-utterative language objects close the realm of thought down to,*** **non-possibility; Riley, or, the Alchoholic Who killed a young woman in a Car Accident?**

# That is the realm of thought wherein which, quite specifically, everything, remains, “evaluatively charged and context specific,” open to all and new possibility; so while the atheist, in theory, in point of fact, He Tells the Priest, “[Halt from the material, think to the spiritual,” and just the same,]( PRIEST, In Function-of-fact, says, in his Certainty, “HALT FROM THE SPIRITUAL, THAT OF LIFE AND DEATH AND BROADEST SENSE OF ETHICS,” Halt from this, allow me to teach you the Halting Frame, the Frame around the closed and boxed realities that I can percieve without an exit, and then, or, allow your thoughts to return to the material; [\_Dialogic\_Imagination](


>The authors came up with an innovative language task for their study subjects and applied advanced neuroimaging methods to the data collected.
>A paper on their findings has been published in *PLoS ONE*.
>Functional asymmetry between the two cerebral hemispheres in performing higher-level cognitive functions is a major characteristic of the human brain. For example, the left hemisphere plays a leading role in language processing in most people. However, between 10% and 15% of the human population also use the right hemisphere to varying degrees for the same task.
>Traditionally, language lateralization to the right hemisphere was explained by handedness, as it is mainly found in left-handed and ambidextrous (using both hands equally well) individuals. But recent research has demonstrated a genetic difference in the way language is processed by left-handed and ambidextrous people.
>In addition to this, some right-handed people also involve their right hemisphere in language functions.
>These findings prompted the scientists to consider alternative explanations—in particular, by looking at brain anatomy to find out why language functions can shift to the right hemisphere.
>Researchers at the HSE Centre for Language and Brain hypothesized that language lateralization may have something to do with the anatomy of the corpus callosum, the largest commissural tract in the human brain connecting the two cerebral hemispheres.
>The researchers asked 50 study participants to perform a sentence completion task. The subjects were instructed to read aloud a visually presented Russian sentence and to complete it with an appropriate final word (e.g., “Teper ministr podpisyvaet vazhnoe…”—”Now the minister is signing an important …”).
>At the same time, the participants’ brain activity was recorded using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Additionally, the volume of the corpus callosum was measured in each subject.
>A comparison between the fMRI data and the corpus callosum measurements revealed that the larger the latter’s volume, the less lateralization of the language function to the right hemisphere was observed.
>It can be said that in processing language, the brain tends to use the left hemisphere’s resources efficiently and to suppress, by means of the corpus callosum, any additional involvement of the right hemisphere. The larger a person’s corpus callosum, the less involved their right hemisphere is in language processing (and vice versa).
>This finding is consistent with the inhibitory model suggesting that the corpus callosum inhibits the action of one hemisphere while the other is engaged in cognitive tasks.



[WHAT IS DYNAMICAL INDETERMINISM allow a Medical Doctor to Explain, explain that this is the manner in which we are nothing, really, like a mineral and instead like a hurricane;]( and from,

# [Physics, also- so what then is language?](

…in this kinda, framework, wherein- and to be **clear, I am saying, It’s always a dogs bark, always, a cats meow, dogs are just a little rougher with their technique and cats can’t be goddamned to care better for theirs, ‘see how these statements shut down certain thoughts which lead from the thoughts before,” if not at first, then, certainly, now that you’ve read this far; which might be, also, definitely, if the rest is correct, How Chat-GPT, “works,” not on the PC side but for what reason it could be so good-like a Doppleganger, yeah? I’m referring to the, “autocomplete,” and Perhaps, then, an overall metaphor for what I’m insinuating might-well be,**

…an auto-complete of injunctions, and to which in dialogue we might add more injunctions which complicate or contradict the extant inunction systems of:


# [CHAOS CONTROL, an active cage around the dynamical indeterminative rendered through Injunction;]( fwiw and from a narcoleptic (take a look at me, being, slow, slowest motherfucker would like to spend another 10 20 minutes staring out the window before I have a sandwich) sometimes, well; some of you, Definitely, would overdose on how much amphetamine is inside of me I’m saying, “I know the moods and mode of it,” Let me tell you: There is no, “high,” it just renders second-order-injunction obvious for what it is and that is, also, the reason (or perhaps the process through which) those unfamiliar with, synthetic ephedra, soma, whatever we wanna call it, Chatter-Chatter-Chatter; can’t stop themselves, [I WOULD BE CURIOUS WHETHER THERE COULD BE SOME MODELED ANALOGUE, TO THIS, SPECIFICALLY, Within a failure-state of Cage-Breakout in this, “chaos control”](, this is a good idea maybe, may-be.

…a motherfucker cassandra in this motherfucker, simply, because I’d got, not, assimiliated to some, “nevermind,” anyway,

# [This is Evidence that I am correct; the reason he lost his fucking cool, should be obvious- that it’s, “material,” or, cultural (in this instance) and NOT narcotic nor biological, “skrrrrt,” it’s cultural, narratological, the Material Realities of His Day, That Day, Fucked His Shit Right Up, Pushed that reality,](


# […..outside of the Chaos Control of His Injunctive Auto-utterances, interior-or-even-just-conferential-to habit and circumstance]( (again, this, perhaps, what a Dopamine (bunch of it) over-rides) so what does that Man do to, “fix his fucking ghost haunted nightmare visage of his daytime reality,” which, lest you forgot:

Dude made a Fundraising Video for his Sham Charity, “Stop the warlord,” but there wasn’t one, not, anymore, **Literally, imagine it this way,**

>You’re from Kazakhstan

I do have a friend from Kazakhstan, but, I know, for this reason, most of you don’t; it’s far away, is the point,

>**so you’re from Kazakhstan and you visit america, return, and set up a Charity to STOP THE PROUD BOYS FROM TERRORIZING AMERICAN, you choose, Cleveland;** it’s a huge success, *it’s that, nebulous, “raise awareness,” kind of thing; with fundraising, of course,* ***to raise more awareness of the proud boys in cleveland at your home in kazakhstan,*** now, Proud Boys are Real, Cleveland is real, *it’s* a different scandal, per se, than a charity, *not doing enough to fulfill its obligations,* ***per se, isn’t it,*** **because when your normal-ass cheesy-toasty-video goes ULTRAVIRAL the MOST VIRAL OF ALL OF HISTORY, at that point,**

People in Cleveland are going to be like, and, Did, in this 1:1 Real Close analogue, **be like:**

>What in the absolute fuck, *are you* ***even talking about?***


# [He’s outside of the discursive cage, right?](

Watch all of the videos, read all of the links, and then tell me this:

# [It Does Make Sense, and (and!) it is NOT Wittgenstein 1](

[It not Wittgenstein 2](,

[and it is NOT Logical Positivism](; Oh, Logical Positivism, “you’re familiar with Logical Positivism,” except I suspect you know it as its new name,

# [Economics](

Related: I need, **Need Not a Want a NEED, You to notice that the instantiation of some so-called, “**[fact value dichotomy](**,” is what,** ***in fact, however, “close the two sound,”*** **it is the CAUSE of,**

# [The Is/Ought problem and Hume’s Guillotine Being Ignored; Do You See How that Is So, I’ll Tell You]( Logical Positivism, and the Fact Value Dichotomy, take the premise that there is no, “is/ought problem,” if all of the, “ought,” discourses are rejected. entirely, as frivolous bullshit invented by women homosexuals poets and the arts; and you’ve got to do what is because otherwise you’ll starve to death and a policeman will shoot you for moving when he punches you, “I’m not even fucking kidding, should you like I should say it in less blunt and common language,” because I can 10,000 improvised words in an elevator all sourced from memory and the obvious snip snap I just don’t think so little of you as to think you need me to do so you live in an economy also don’t you, ok. so.

>[It Does Make Sense, and (and!) it is NOT Wittgenstein 1](
>[It not Wittgenstein 2](,
>[and it is NOT Logical Positivism](; Oh, Logical Positivism, “you’re familiar with Logical Positivism,” except I suspect you know it as its new name,


# Jonathan to Jonathan, here, I’m kinda like:

>Did I just knock it out the fucking ballpark>

Just on that alone, *it makes kinda sense,* ***it isn’t the century-old stuff that’s either not-quite correct enough not to be way-the-fuck-off or insufficient, and,*** **it’s coherent with Modern Modern Science**


# [Send This Limp Bizkit Video to the Nobel Prize Committee and tell them we don’t give a fuck about u neither-](

remain violent out there

Jonathan phillip fox

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