TIFU by learning that I can suck myself off.

It all started about two months ago when I was at hangout with my college friends. We were just drinking and goofing around. Usually, these hangouts end with truth or dare where the dare progressively get worse. When it was my turn, I thought I was picking the cowards way out by picking truth, but in retrospect, I should have picked dare. I was simply asked have you ever tried to suck you own cock, to which I said no, but all the guys thought I was lying and it seems somewhere in their teenage years they had been curious, tried and failed. At first, I laughed at them, but a few days later, when I was home alone, the curiosity got the better of me. I was sure I was going to fail, so I didn’t actually think about what would happen if I actually made it. Anyway, I went and locked myself in my bedroom and went for it, and a few seconds later, my tongue was touching it, I adjusted my neck, and I realised i could comfortably put my the tip fully in my mouth. I couldn’t go any further, so I just started sucking instinctively on the tip for about a minute. In that minute, I felt electric pulses surging throughout my body more than any orgasm I had ever felt. I was about to cum when I realised I didn’t want to come in my mouth and it all just kind of dawned on me how weird this whole situation was. I immediately stopped and went to bed. The last two months have been a living hell because I want to few that same way I did, but playing with myself or even getting oral from a partner doesn’t feel as good. I have no desire to give another person head but want to do it to myself because it felt so could, but I feel it’s also too weird to repeat. So yea, I’m screwed.

TL;DR I tried sucking myself off out of curiosity, but and enjoyed it. Now, other sexual acts don’t feel as good.

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