TIL about industrial melanism,where darkly pigmented insects are selected over lightly coloured ones in industrial areas,because the trees are blackened by soot and provide camouflage.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Industrial_melanism

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  1. An incredibly interesting example of evolution that is observable in a very small time frame. It’s crazy how quick moths in England during the industrial revolution evolved from being white/light grey to blend with trees, to being black/dark grey to blend in with soot covered trees

  2. Doves, one of the Three Top Animals in the Urban Map Meta (together with Rats and Cockroaches) are 99% of them gray when they can be a lot of different colors (like brown, white, and spotted). They have become the color of our cities.

    Roaches and Rats dont care because they use the best Stealth in the Game: The Dark

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