TIL Americans throw out over 400,000 smart phones per day, on average.

Read more: https://www.wbur.org/cognoscenti/2018/12/11/right-to-repair-nathan-proctor

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  1. One of many things you should keep your old ones for are when an employer makes you install some kind of app. Just install it on an old wiped phone and use that while connected to Wifi, for instance. No chance they can get to your personal info or take over your main device.

    Also, Alfred allows you to use old smart phones as remotely viewable security cameras (free and paid versions). I have one in my garage, for instance.

  2. If they don’t how will I get the perfectly fine 2 year old models from my sister and her kids? “What is this iPhone X doing in the kitchen drawer?” “Katie got an upgrade last year.” “Can I take it?” “Sure, it just sits there with the others.” “Can I have all of them?” “If you want but they are old, some have cracked screens.”

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