TIL Delta Airlines has a “Parallel Reality Zone” in the Detroit Airport that allows customers to see their personal flight informations AND ONLY THEIR FLIGHT information on the same screen and the same time.

Read more: https://news.delta.com/mediakit/parallel-realitytm-experience

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    >The proprietary multi-view pixel technology within PARALLEL REALITY displays can direct different-colored light to each of many viewing zones, allowing multiple people simultaneously looking at the same display to each see their own unique, personalized content.

    >Customers must opt in at the registration kiosk to engage with the experience. Once you opt in, a private viewing zone is created at your location, and the display directs relevant flight information to that zone.

    >An overhead sensor detects your presence and location, using anonymous non-biometric object detection (the sensor sees you as an object, without recognizable features).

    >As you move around, the non-biometric overhead sensor continually shifts your private zone to your new location. This allows you to see your own personalized content even as you move within the viewing area.

    >Once you exit the PARALLEL REALITY experience viewing area, you must opt in again at the registration counter to see your personalized flight information again.

    Neat. I wonder how governments and corporations will abuse it.

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