TIL in 1981 a fire at the Las Vegas Hilton killed 8 guests and injured hundreds. A busboy initially praised as a hero for warning guests of the fire was later convicted of setting the blaze. The busboy claimed he accidentally set the fire while smoking a joint on his break.

Read more: https://news3lv.com/news/local/40-years-later-remembering-the-las-vegas-hilton-fire

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  1. > “It is definitely arson,” said Clark County Fire Chief Roy Parrish the following day. “We had four points of origin. One on the eighth floor where the fire started in the elevator lobby area. One in the second-floor uniform linen area. One on the third floor in the service elevator area. One on the ninth floor where they cut a nozzle off a clothes cabinet, removed the nozzle and stuffed combustible materials in that clothes cabinet.”

    That doesn’t sound like an accidental cherry drop.

  2. From what I remember seeing on a YT video, the fire initially started because of a lack of fire alarms. The hotel area had previously been open 24 hours so alarms weren’t considered necessary, but it had recently closed overnight. Due to the lack of anyone immediately noticing, the fire was able to spread.

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