TIL in 2002, John Muhammad (41) & Lee Malvo (17) went on a random killing spree known as the D.C. Sniper Attacks. However, their rampage actually began months before on the West Coast. They murdered 17 people (injured 10) in Washington, Arizona, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, & DC.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D.C._sniper_attacks

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  1. That was a really scary time in the D.C. area. Everybody had been to at least one of the places where the snipers struck. I’d been to the gas station in Manassas many times. And, I the one and only time I went to that Home Depot was only a couple of days before the shooting there.

  2. This was back when I was in high school in the Annapolis area, they never closed schools they just told us to walk in a serpentine pattern so that we’d be harder to hit… honest to god they gave us a daily reminder on the morning announcements in school.

    They had no idea at the time who was responsible or what they were driving. They were convinced it was a white work van. Because at every shooting there was a plain white work van near by. So they pulled over and searched plain white work vans for weeks.

  3. That was such a wierd time, internet was just a pre-teen, maybe child back then.

    We had 9/11

    Snipers shooting people from trunks of cars

    Anthrax letters

    Back then we were not used to those head lines; now global pandemic, war in Europe, super polarized politics, so many mass shootings, etc. have us jaded.

  4. Wow good TIL, I have never before heard a single thing about any murders prior to their spree in DC. It was a constant barrage of news about these guys for so long and I feel like the fact that they were serial killers in the West before then was never mentioned. TIL, twenty years later!

  5. My friend puff and I spent an afternoon pumping gas for people while northern Virginia was losing their minds.
    People were pumping gas hiding behind their cars and generally terrified, and because we were doing a nice thing, nobody mentioned that he was smoking a blunt 😂

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