TIL Jerry Van Dyke (Dick’s brother) was offered the role of Gilligan on Gilligan’s Island but turned it down, believing that the show would never be successful. He chose instead to play the lead in My Mother the Car, which is frequently cited as one of the worst television shows of all time.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gilligan%27s_Island#Casting

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  1. >My Mother the Car is an American fantasy comedy that aired for a single season on NBC between September 14, 1965 and April 5, 1966. Thirty episodes were produced by United Artists Television. The premise features a man whose deceased mother is reincarnated as an antique car, who communicates with him through the car radio.


  2. I think when you read a script, it’s hard to determine how something like Gilligan’s Island is going to be received. If a lot of people just heard the general concept, they would say thanks, but no thanks if they have other options.

    Every episode is of people stuck on an island. If you don’t have the vision or trust the talent of the writers, it does sound pretty wack when you hear it. What the hell is everyone going to be doing for a whole season of shows?

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