TIL John Byner was originally cast as Mork from Ork on Happy Days, but found the premise ridiculous and quit days before filming, leading Robin Williams to be called in last minute

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Byner#Career

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  1. In his prime (1960s-80s) Byner was a real live wire in his own right: mercurial, improvisational, mimic, jokester. Importantly though, always “in on the joke.” I think he would have nailed the role, filmed before a live audience, but it might have been “Byner, playing Mork.” Williams was a whole new alien species of funny, he *was* Mork

  2. Wild. I just happened to see Byner on an old episode of The Carol Burnett Show last night and was wondering else he’d done since he was way before my time. I hadn’t looked him up so this was a great coincidence. Thank you, Lone Ranger(sband)!

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