TIL: John Von Neumann learned an entire 7 year medical program in 2 weeks, can divide 8 digit numbers and converse in Greek at age 6, worked on the Manhattan Project, and published 150 papers in his life. Colleagues claim if he lived longer, the world would be drastically different.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_von_Neumann

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  1. His achievements are too long even for the Wikipedia page

    In set theory, he demonstrated the notion of class

    He invented the Von Neuman paradox

    Contributed to Ergotic theory, measure theory, topological groups.

    He was the first person to axiomatically define an abstract Hilbert space whereas it was previously defined as the Lp space. He defined it as a complex vector space with a Hermitian scalar product, with the corresponding norm being both separable and complete

    He founded the study of rings of operators worked on lattice theory

    He established the fucking math for quantum physics and quantum logic

    For computers he invented merge sort and wrote about global warming in 1955

    In his private life DUDE was normal and loved dark humor and his wife said he loves loud environments. He didn’t smoke, but got noise complaints for playing extremely loud German music, which annoyed Albert Einstein, who worked nearby (all the scientists worked closely back then).

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