TIL of the fish kick, a technique in swimming where the swimmer turns sideways and mimics the motion of an eel. It is arguably the fastest way to swim and was once famously used in the 2000 Olympics by Misty Hyman to win the 200m butterfly. However, this kick is rarely used owing to its difficulty.

Read more: https://slate.com/culture/2016/08/the-fish-kick-helped-misty-hyman-win-a-gold-in-2000-why-has-almost-no-one-has-used-it-since.amp?pissant

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  1. Due to bone structure mammals generally swim with up and down motion, while fish swim side to side. It make sense fish would be better swimmers and emulating them as much as possible would be a good plan.

    From the article it sounds like the main problem is tricky rules. If it’s an arbitrary judgement of if you’re a couple degrees over on your back and can thus get disqualified it’s a pretty risky technique.

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