TIL Soren Kierkegaard’s first publish work was a panned review of Hans Christian Andersen. It ignited a life-long feud between the two Danes. Andersen responded by caricaturing the existentialist in “The Galoshes of Fortune,” where Kierkegaard is portrayed as an annoying parrot who makes no sense.

Read more: https://www.degruyter.com/document/doi/10.1515/9783110186567.68/html?lang=en

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  1. I now must go write a hit Broadway musical about the untold Kierkegaard-HC Andersen rivalry. Starring John C. Reilly (Andersen) and Paul Giamatti (Kierkegaard).

    The moral of the story: sexual repression makes you weird.

  2. “The only human words that the parrot could say, and which at times sounded quite comical, were “Come now, *let us be human. Let us be human…*” All the rest of his chatter made as little sense as the twittering of the canary.”

    –The Galoshes of Fortune

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