TIL South Korea recorded the world’s lowest fertility rate in 2021 with a new low at 0.81. In comparison, the average rate across the world’s most advanced economies is 1.6 and countries need a fertility rate of 2.1 to keep their population the same size, without migration.

Read more: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-62670717

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  1. People aren’t going to have kids if they have little hope for the future or the present.

    The biggest boom in kids in the US came about after the end of a world war that the US had won and their soldiers came home to a prosperous economy where they were paid well, had a free ticket for college and could afford a home easily.

    In short, treat your workers well and they’ll have plenty of kids. Treat them badly and they won’t have kids and the whole economy self-destructs in about 20 years.

  2. This is what happens when the majority of an advanced nation’s wealth flows upward. The younger generations simply cannot afford to form new families and produce children. It’s happening all over the globe.

  3. Since everything is getting more expensive, companies demand and expect people to work longer for them with same.or.less payment and getting childcare is nigh impossible – who’s surprised?

    It *could* so be that the missing will of economic and political powers to adjust is also aiding the issues followed by declining birth rates

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