TIL Steve Urkel was intended to be a one-off character on the sitcom Family Matters. Jaleel White (Urkel), got into an altercation with Jo Marie Payton (Harriet), causing Jo Marie to leave the show, which ended after that season.

Read more: https://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Family_Matters

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  1. I would like to ask a side question, if I may. *Family Matters* was a spinoff of *Perfect Strangers*, which really only had one main gag, one they do maybe dozens of times each show, and it’s what today we might call the “suddenly gay” sight gag. Think I kid? Here is the first five minutes of the series:


    So, was Perfect Strangers a gay show, or is the running joke really just about a guy with no sense of personal space? Like was it popular among that community at the time? Does it have inside jokes? Have there been later disclosures?

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