TIL that “First World”, “Second World” and “Third World” describe Cold War team numbers, not economic status

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_World

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  1. I grew up during the Cold War and I never heard the terms defined that way. It was clear that most of the 1st World nations were liberal democracies and wealthier and that most 2nd World nations were communist nations.

    But 3rd World always meant economically depressed and under-developed. For example, the Philippines, where I have lived, was never 1st World.

    The map on that wiki page is nonsense. It lists Angola as 1st World. That was never the case.

    I call BS on whichever wiki editors maintain that page.

  2. This is obvious no? And I thought it was actually to do with who took sides during WW2 but nowadays it’s mainly used to describe economic status even though it probably shouldn’t be but then again it probably shouldn’t mention the sides of WW2 either so economic status makes more sense nowadays

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