TIL that, for legal reasons, in the years near 1900, New York saloons served inedible sandwiches with alcohol.

Read more: https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/635918/raines-sandwiches-saved-new-york-bars-19th-century

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  1. Search for blue laws.. it’s nutty.

    Grand Rapids, Michigan banned (1) hard alcohol then later (2) beer & wine on sundays. The first law sunset so you could only buy hard liquor at bar Sunday

    They probably changed that since I lived there (2005) but really smart

  2. Utah has a similar law. I stayed at a hotel in Salt Lake City, and they had a “mandatory purchase” unlimited chips and salsa on the menu for $1, and your first drink had a 99¢ discount if you bought the chips and salsa.

  3. Happened all over during covid too. Well something similar anyway.

    > Bars are closed, restaurants are OK, but they have to serve food!

    Ok here’s a $5 bag of chips, and your 8 beers. If the chips are not to your tables liking you can return them, unopened, for your money back.

    >No no! The food has to be cooked!

    Ok here’s a $5 hot pocket for the table to split.

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