TIL that the face of CPR dolls is based off an unknown French girl who likely committed suicide in the 19th century

Read more: https://museumstjohn.org.uk/girl-seine-history-cpr/

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  1. I found this out when looking at the history of Radiohead album covers (specifically The Bends which is of a CPR doll). A woman, likely around age 16) was found drowned by (likely) suicide. As was custom in France at the time, her death mask was put on display in case people recognised her, but many were taken with her peaceful expression. Apparently, her death mask made its way into French homes, again, due to her peaceful and beautiful expression.

    In the 1950s two American doctors (re)discovered the technique for mouth to mouth CPR and approached a toy maker to create the model. He based the face off this French girl, because it is pleasant to look at and doesn’t incite fear or other negative emotion when looking at her. Her death mask is now known as ‘the most kissed face in history’

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