[TIL] that though Finland was allied with Germany during WW2, they refused to expel their native (and immigrant) Jewish population, with those serving in the army taking particular delight in speaking Hebrew around the SS and Wehrmacht in Finland.

Read more: https://atlantajewishtimes.timesofisrael.com/astonishing-story-of-survival-by-jews-of-finland/

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  1. Because of their heroic stand against the Russians, three of the Jews were awarded the Iron Cross, Nazi Germany’s highest military honor. None accepted the honor though. Things get even funnier, when you consider that Germany offered to “help” Finland with its “jewish problem” to which Finland replied “We don’t have a Jewish problem.”

    By August 1944 Finland had a new president who began to hold secret talks with the Soviet Union, negotiating a peace by September, which also required the expulsion of German troops. The troops left, but their weapons and vehicles stayed behind, and can still be found in museums.

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