TIL that when a cat has a flat face (such as a Persian), that is actually a deformity. Breeders, however, are able to find ways of altering the cat’s genetics by choosing who they breed with. They do this because so many people gravitate to the smushed in face.

Read more: https://www.thedodo.com/close-to-home/flat-faced-cat-breed-health-problems

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  1. We need to have better regulations on breeding deformities into our pets.

    Here’s a sad fact for you: there is not a single English Bulldog that is considered ‘healthy’ by dog standards. Flat faces, bulging eyes, difficulty breathing, poor joints, unable to give birth without c-section, all traits bred into this once proud dog for purely vain ‘aesthetics’.

    Same thing with German Shepherds, due to a ‘breed standard’ trait the dogs have been bred with a sloping back (in other words, a disfigured spine) which leads to all manners of problems, including hip dysplasia, chronic pain/swelling, and even paralysis of the lower body.

    Our pets deserve better.

  2. This happens with pretty much all pets, and heck with race horses. Lol they don’t ‘alter genetics’ like in a lab, they select for traits in breeding. People gravitate to aesthetics, and overlook a lot of medical problems that come with the looks

  3. And that’s evolution in a microcosm. A bit simplified but the basic idea. Deformities and mutations lead to evolutionary leaps all the time. Some deformities actually help animals survive and take advantage of particular niches in nature. In this case it’s man directing the path but it’s all the same concept.

    Not defending smushed faces by the by.

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