TIL the automotive industry is partly responsible for Detroit deep dish pizza. In 1946, a Detroit pizza shop owner used one of the parts trays from an auto assembly plant as a makeshift pizza pan which is why Detroit deep dish pizza is rectangular instead of circular.

Read more: https://www.phaidon.com/agenda/food/articles/2016/march/14/how-detroit-s-car-industry-helped-shape-its-pizzas/

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  1. My first thought on reading the title was, “please tell me they merely drew inspiration from the shape of the parts tray and not that they actually used a used parts tray…”. Then I read the article and about halfway down, it says

    > The crux of what became known locally as square pizza is the crust **baked in those repurposed pans.**

    The phrase I put in bold does not ease my mind, haha. In any event, interesting little tidbit re the origin of the Detroit style pizza. Thanks for sharing!

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