TIL the fastest animal alive is the Peregrine Falcon reaching record-breaking speeds of up to 242 mph while diving for their prey. Right behind this Falcon is the Golden Eagle (200mph) followed by the cheetah (75mph), the fastest land animal!

Read more: https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Peregrine_Falcon/id

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  1. I didn’t have enough text left in the title to say that no, the cheetah doesn’t directly follow the golden eagle for animal speeds in order. I just meant that it first goes to the Peregrine Falcon, then the Golden Eagle, then there are some more birds that are faster than the cheetah of course but the cheetah is the fastest LAND animal. Sorry if I was confusing.
    I couldn’t post the wiki link because it has apparently been posted as a link before on TIL so I had to use this one instead without the cheetah.

    Edit: more text explaining my link

  2. I know the Peregrin Falcon is generally credited as the fastest, but should fast falling with the help of gravity really count, though? Human beings have been known to go 17,600 mph when reentering the earth’s atmosphere.

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