TIL the Infinite Monkey Theorem states that infinite monkeys poking at infinite typewriters over an infinite period of time would produce an exact copy of one of Shakespeare’s plays.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infinite_monkey_theorem?wprov=sfti1

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  1. I hate this argument because it isn’t true. That assumes monksys type at random, but we know for a fact they wouldn’t type at random. They’re going to have preferences and patterns. This could only be true if monkeys were purely random and they just art.

  2. Don’t be distracted by monkeys. There are a limited number of letters and limited number of combinations yet infinite amount of time and samples. That means, every single combination of every single letter creating words of every length, including infinite length, will be produced %100. Check the Library of Babel. It’s already there. That’s the whole idea.

  3. Wrong, infinity != every possible outcome.
    For example, since the monkey is truly random, it could just continuously type “eeeeeeeee” forever. not likely, but still one of the possibilities with randomness.
    Therefore it is not guaranteed for a monkey to write Shakespeares’ works, or anything for that matter.

    Another example that doesn’t revolve around randomness is this one, look at the numbers between 1 – 2 (1.0001, 1.0002…) there are infinite numbers between them, but 10 isn’t one of those numbers.

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