TIL the is a “white only” town in South Africa called Orania. Intended to be an ethnostate for Afrikaners and seeks independence from the rest of the country.

Read more: https://abcnews.go.com/International/inside-white-apartheid-town-orania-south-africa/story?id=62337338

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  1. That was an interesting read from an outside perspective. The leader of the town said they’d allow black people if they integrate culturally and learn Afrikaans. Of course they also have 1,600 people and it hasn’t happened yet.

  2. We have things similiar here in the US called sundown towns(name comes from signs that would often be the town limits of these towns saying, or things very similar, “N——, don’t let the sun set on you in [insert town name.” While most have been gotten a lot better, there are still those that are like that like Cullman, AL or Vidor, TX, whether by violence or reputation. For reference, Vidor for instance has a reputation as a KKK HQ and there are many instances of racial violence even recently. And even in towns where they have moved on(for reference I live near one that has statistically changed here in East Texas), there are still some people who haven’t changed and are still super racist.

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