TIL The mongols had a superstition that said that spilling royal blood would lead to great disaster. So instead they had other creative ways of executing such people. Including sewing up your orifices, drown you in molten metal or have horses trample you.

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  1. Note that spilling blood in general was seen as taboo (it would prohibit you from entering the afterlife and the earth spirit Eje didn’t like being defiled by being soaked in it). But for royals it was particularity bad and they tried to avoid it whenever possibly.

    The “trampled by horses bit refers specifically to the Arab Caliph Al-Musta’sim, who was wrapped in a carpet and had horses run over him. The molten metal one was allegeldy the was the Khwarezmian shah Inalchuq who had molten silver poured over his head. And the orifices bit was done to Fatima, a slave which Ogedei Khans widow Toregene Khatun had elevated to the role of advisor for some reason. When Guyuk Khan eventually succeeded his father he accused Fatima of bewitching Toregene, and administered the after mentioned punishment before also wrapping her in a carpet and throwing her into a river for good measure.

    The Kievian prince Mstislav is also said to have been crushed to death alongside his court after his defeat. By having the Mongol generals place them beneath a plank and them all sitting down on it until they suffocated

    Another common way which they would settle disputes among members of their own court was to have a wrestling match try to break the others spine.

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