TIL: The origin of the “tennis bracelet” came from the 1987 US Open when Chris Evert lost her diamond tennis bracelet and stopped the match to look for it

Read more: https://www.shiningdiamonds.co.uk/blog/why-is-a-tennis-bracelet-called-a-tennis-bracelet

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  1. [This article](https://theadventurine.com/culture/jewelry-history/chris-evert-tells-us-the-true-story-of-her-tennis-bracelet/) posits that the incident actually occurred in 1978 and that somewhere along the way the final two digits in the year were transposed. This jives with what I remember. My girlfriend during my junior and senior years of high school (class of 1983) played tennis for our school and tennis bracelets were already a thing by then.

    [Another article](https://www.brides.com/tennis-bracelet-history-6543722) that supports this theory.

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