TIL the Supreme Court established “the reindeer rule” determining that sufficient secular elements can counterbalance religious components in a public display, meaning that municipalities include reindeer in addition to religious holiday displays to avoid violating the First Amendment.

Read more: https://www.mtsu.edu/first-amendment/article/883/reindeer-rule#:~:text=Reindeer%20rule%20deals%20with%20First,components%20in%20a%20public%20display.

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  1. In modern America, you can go days doing Christmas-themed stuff without getting a mention of the baby Jesus.

    And that’s OK. Christmas is very much an ‘Americanized’ holiday. Like chimichangas, rock operas and Gisele Bundchen; America can strip down something to its essence and make it palatable for it’s own diverse population. So add reindeer, Krampus and ~~Black Pete~~ the Grinch to a display. That’s what makes America America.

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