TIL those concrete dividers on highways and streets are called Jersey barriers. Originally invented in the 1950s for use in New Jersey, they were first poured in place but are now pre-made and modular or even plastic. Taller varieties are used as defenses outside US military bases.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jersey_barrier

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  1. Most permanent ones are slipformed in place. They do have modular ones that are good for construction sites where you’ll be shifting traffic around every once in a while.

    Jersey barriers are designed to have a vertical surface at the bottom for tires to rub against, then lean away so the side of your car doesn’t hit them. One issue is if you come through 10 years later and add a few inches of asphalt to the roadway, now there isn’t that flat surface, it’s just the angled surface, so a car tire can actually ride up the jersey barrier and flip the car.

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