Time to vent, what’s bothering you?

Time to vent, what’s bothering you?

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  1. Where to begin….

    I’m supposed to be starting a new job this week, and I come down with some flu and a bad fever. I work home health, so it’s very much damned if I do, damned if I don’t situation. I’m following a client and they’re hurting for people, so for once, I feel like I at least have some understanding and patience, but I don’t want to push my luck. Because I’m fleeing a place that I do not expect to still be open in 3 months.

    I have no idea what is happening in the office, but in over a year they cycled through at least 3 different office managers, about 5 nurses, at least 4 schedulers, and communicate maybe 10% of the changes with staff. Wanna know what it’s like being on the spectrum when the people that are supposed to be in charge give you maybe a day’s notice for when they urgently need that specific state required thing, and it’s not our fault, we just noticed today…

    I have a fake job playing music in an mmo that sells fake food and drinks in game. They have their shit way more together and organized than the home health agency I’m fleeing, and I should not be able to say that. I’m honestly shocked the primary scheduler stayed as long as she did. She made all schedules, did intakes for clients, occasionally had to go cover shifts for clients, and was expected to always have the on call phone, so even when she went home she was still constantly working. No other scheduler lasted longer than 3 weeks. And that was halving the load.

    And last and probably least, my daughter is who I caught my flu from, and was told over half her class is currently out sick. And this has been a frequent occurrence since she started. I don’t know what is going on around here (other than meth and gang related problems), but it feels like Pestilence is camping out back and waiting for his buddy War.

    This was at least therapeutic to rant about, hopefully it’ll give people a little schadenfreude.

  2. I’m always so tired. I have a little one, and he takes up all of my time. He’s worth it, in every way, but I’m just exhausted. I work 12 hour days on a rotating schedule, and I watch him when I’m off due to still being on a daycare wait list. I need to schedule an appointment with a doctor, but I can’t, because he’s still too young to really come along with me, and I obviously can’t leave him alone. At this point I’ve been on ~3 hours of sleep a night for just at 2 years, and I’m just gassed.

  3. My boyfriend, who I live with, doesn’t want to be monogamous. I tried to wrap my head around it. Did the work. Listened to the podcasts, read the books, talked about it in therapy. He’s done nothing. Through all of this , it’s made me resent him. The selfishness and immaturity is disgusting.

  4. the way we form our opinions

    the way we have “all the informtion” but it really is just the loud obnoxious parts of both sides

    the way saying above, makes me squirm myself because it SOUNDS like a both sides argument, but it really isn’t my intention

    the double standards

    the hypocrisy

    the inability to admit mistakes

  5. The thing that bothers me the most are people who don’t let you win. As in you can do your best, be nice, helpful and respectful to them, do everything that no one else will do. Yet they keep trying to find faults in something things you do or falsely blame you.
    I’ll give an example, I work at a Play school. There’s this new student from another state. I was very nice to her parents and everything. Language barrier was the problem. So, talked to them in English. And once she said, “My kid is crying and doesn’t want to come to school because no one speaks her native language at school” which I am sure, she herself was saying It. As I saw her kid talking to other students without any problem. Then one she said,, “My kid got hurt at school”. The students nose was a little swollen. So, I told her, “I have no idea when it happened because I didn’t see it happening at school because I was with her the whole time”. After two days she texted me a picture of her daughter’s swollen bleeding nose and said, “she has a boil inside her nose and won’t be attending school it subsides” I asked how it happened she said, “It was because of excess body heat.” I don’t like confrontations so, I did say anything. People like her bother me a lot. They are never happy no matter what you do. My mother too behaves in same way with me sometimes. They just don’t let you win.

  6. I’m on a contract as a project manager for a large organisation but am being tasked with lower level duties.
    I’m still being paid as a PM, but I’m not finding the work engaging or exciting. I’m torn between wanting to keep doing an easy job for a lot of money, or looking for something more rewarding.

  7. I’m coming to terms with the fact that I may be a trans woman after years after years of living an empty life where I hid so much from myself and others. Years of trauma is coming back, and I’m starting to hate my body more by the day as realization starts to settle that I’m 95% sure I *want* to transition, that I can’t see out living out my current life as a man.

    Frankly it’s been terrifying.

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