The HAPPIEST place.

The HAPPIEST place.

The HAPPIEST place.

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  1. It use to be the happiest place on earth, now it’s just thousands of people to try to walk thru, hours of standing in lines, and hundreds of dollars to spend. Maybe if they had a max capacity for inside it would be the happiest place on earth, walking around with 2000 other people, crowded as hell, it’s not enjoyable, Because let’s be honest, we all hate people.

  2. Anyone who thinks this is mean, clearly doesn’t know what it feels like to balance multiple children at an amusement park 😂😂😂

  3. My 10 yr and I July 2018 we both had the time of our lives we done all the crazy rides stood for hours ate like a pig, slept like a baby…would I do it again? If my daughter pays for me and I get one of those mobility scooters lol….had the best fun and crazy memories for me and my 10 yr old… I was on missing child alert tho in the back of my head had scanning eyes in the crowd lol…

  4. When my son was 5, the first 5 minutes into Disneyworld, he says “it’s so hot, my legs hurt and I’m not getting my picture with any characters!” My husband says “Snow White is hot and we WILL get our picture taken with her.” Lol

  5. I said almost the exact same thing last year when I took my kids to disney
    ” this is the happiest place on earth , so you better start acting like it ”
    Lol 🤣🤣 fun times

  6. My brother caught a backhand to his mouth when we were walking out of Cinderella’s castle (circa 1992). This woman looked at my mom like she was the devil and my mom goes, “He deserved it two hours ago. He’s lucky he lasted this long.” 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Scott Galvin remember when we got to Magic Kingdom and I said to you and the boys “this is my ONE happy place so behave for gods sake it’s my day” 🤪🤣

  8. I bought season passes to Bush Gardens one year. The wife and kids complained all the time it was too hot to go. I told them your ass is gonna be hot if you don’t get in that damn car!

  9. Maddi Williamsen reminds me of the time we took the girls to Lagoon, and they didn’t want to ride any rollercoasters. 😒 I am so glad we spent hundreds of dollars to walk around and ride the bumper cars…

  10. Hahahahaha- can’t stop laughing! HAve never seen so many whiny, crying kids anywhere more thanI have seen at “The Happiest Place on Earth”!lololol “Don’t make me slap you”. Hahahaha

  11. When my son was about 6 we were in one of the restaurants and kids were screaming and crying I sarcastically said “the happiest place on earth” to which he replied “the loudest place on earth”.

  12. From experience it is more like the most stressful and expensive place on earth! I saw way more frustrated and overwhelmed people than I did happy!!!!!😂😂

  13. Danielle Leeber this is us 😂 but real life Viv lost her mind at Magic Kingdom one time and I’m pretty sure I said this or something VERY similar

  14. Daneen and Matt – I love your pics with the kids at Disney. This is what I felt like telling my kids😉 (I didn’t, but I was thisclose) 😂😂

  15. Becca Atchley have you heard any funny things there yet? I waited on your brother the other day!! Didnt know it was him till i was putting all my tips in towards the end of my shift. Still dont know which one he is in his group of friends lol

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