Two cannibals are discussing life…

One asks the other who was recently married, “Hey, how’s the married life treating you?”. The other cannibal says, “Not too bad, but my wife doesn’t know how to cook!”. The other cannibal says, “I just got a new cookbook. I’ll loan it to you. Give it a try!”.

A few weeks pass, and the first cannibal asks, “Have you tried out the cookbook yet!?”. The other cannibal says, “Yes, but it didn’t help. My wife and I were walking down a sidewalk and saw a guy, we abducted him, took him home and boiled him. He was rubbery!”. The first cannibal asks, “What was he wearing!?”. The other says, “Long brown cloak kept closed with a rope.”. The first cannibal says, “YOU IDIOT! Why did you boil him?! He was a friar!”.

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