What a terrible day to have eyes

What a terrible day to have eyes

EDIT: Wow, thank you for the silver kind stroodler! also over 12 updoots? ok this seriously just got epic lol. thanks guys. thats enough madghosts for today! this comment was seriously underrated!

EDIT: holy shit two awards, im gonna fucking piss myself and maybe cum. NOT ALL HEROES WHERE CAPES! over 100 upboats! r/ theydidthemath! thank you for the madghosts silver blind doodlers!

EDIT: no way a hug award?! im gonna hug you epic lime stranger! and 300 upsnoots?! im not crying, your crying. are tiny ninjas cutting onions in here?! r/ cursedcomments! r/ angryupvote!

EDIT: wow someone sent me a fruit basket!! serously? ty for the fruit, grind stranglers! my beloved pet doggo is an epic heccin’ chonker, so im gonna sprinkle sugar on this fruit basket and feed the entire thing to them! the vet even told me they are ‘morbiusly a beast!’ cant wait to become ‘oh lawd he comin’!’

EDIT: rip my inbox

EDIT: no way, someone just paid off all my student loans! based!! thanks for the debt relief kind bidens! over 500 upvotes! time to blow up! my inbox is a graveyard!

EDIT: someone bought me a brand new honda civic!! what an economic vehicle!! wish i had places to drive lol. thanks for the honda, mind drangler!!! over 502 updoots!! Here is pics of a girl with BIG BOOBS showing off my honda: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ) (its TOTALLY not a rick roll guys, wink wink lol)

EDIT: i dont care if i get downvoted for this, unpopular opinion, throwing babies in blenders is not nice. i would even say it is a bad thing to do.

EDIT: popular opinion (i lied i care if i get downvoted very much), the dark knight is a very underrated comic book movie! rick and morty!!

EDIT: OVER 25 BASED UPVOTES?! also thank you to all the sexy FEMALE madghostsors that are sending me nudes! i want to receive nudes from sexy madghosts women for 10 years at least! please stop sending me marriage proposals tho, i already am betroved to my Hinata Body pillow!! r/ HOLUP!

EDIT: REDDIT GOLD AWARD?? THE ONE AND ONLY REDDIT GOLD?! its like im in the lost city of El Doritos!! thank you for the gold trime googler!!! i am so happy i could say a slur!! gamer moment! i scrolled too far to see this btw. this.

EDIT: HOLY FRIGGIN’ MOLEY!! platinum?! ive been cumming HARD for the last half hour and am still going! thank you for the platinum brined danger!!

EDIT: someone swatted me and they shot my dog

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