what are happy, genuine reasons to stay alive?

what are happy, genuine reasons to stay alive?

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  1. Hey the world will not miss you when your gone. But for your loved ones you are their world. Live for the people you love.

    (If you don’t have anyone like that yet or you feel like it, please wait because they will be here eventually)

  2. I do a “rose and thorn” with my kid every night before bed. Even if the day hasn’t been great she had to find one “rose”, even if it’s as stupid as having a comfy pillow. Some days are all roses and some days the only rose is the cup of coffee you have in the morning, but there’s always at least one good thing every day.

  3. I was standing in a parking lot one day putting some shit in my car that I had just bought, I think it was in front of a Lowe’s. This dude just walked up to me out of nowhere and said “God told me to give you this” and slid me a hundred bucks. I don’t even believe in God, but I could use that money at the time and that was pretty cool. Not everyone is shit, and life, even if only rarely, is pretty random and groovy sometimes.

  4. as someone who battled suicidal ideation for half a year, you have to talk to someone about your situation imo. I never really found anything worth living for, so that’s why I talked to others to show me that there’s something to live for. kinda cheesy but it’s what helped me out

  5. I don’t know. I really don’t. My kids don’t have a chance in the world if I leave them. I hope that some day I’ll feel joy. But in the meantime Im here to get them to feel joy and to learn how to keep it. I didn’t.

    You don’t want to die. Youre just exhausted from suffering. When someone drowns we don’t ask why the coward quite swimming. But if one of us goes down that’s what they’ll ask.

    There’s lots of reasons this is hard. It’s ok that this is hard. Just meditate on this, if you have the strength to end it, you have the strength to change something in your life right now. Set a timer for 5min and do one positive thing. Clean the bathroom counter. Send an email to someone that matters to you and let them know they are important. You ready to go? Hit pause and go give something to a stranger.

    You want to know a happy reason to stay alive, take a minute and make someone else happy. Strangers are great for this. Suffering strangers in particular. I don’t know your particulars but if you have a few bucks to spare get some singles and go out giving them to street folks.

    One day at a time, one kindness at a time. You can get through this day by finding one way to make someone else’s day better.

  6. There are people that care about you, and even you may not know it. If you suddenly died, these people may feel emotionally traumatised and feel lost. I was not shown much kindness when I was a kid but never took it out on others, and instead choose to show the kindness I was missing to others.

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