what are some bachelor party ideas that don’t involve strip clubs?

what are some bachelor party ideas that don’t involve strip clubs?

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  1. Pick up a projector and watch a Jason movie while camping on a lake.

    You could even set up by the lake and watch from tubes while floating if you’re really brave. Would also work with any water predator type movies.. sea monsters jaws etc.

  2. If you like Magic the gathering. Have a get together. Or do an old school LAN party. Like Warcraft 3 or HALO Party. Could also go full on and do N64 games or Mario kart double dash. Just a night of stress free laugh. Because those are hard to come by.

  3. So…not technically a strip club, but we went to an old school burlesque show (complete with singing and comedy acts)

    Some of the wedding party were older…much older…like have daughters that were 18 older. So, the strip club seemed a little TOO creepy, but the burlesque show was a good compromise

  4. We did whitewater rafting 5 hours up in Maine. There wasn’t a strip club within 4 hours of us. Fortunately, traveling strippers randomly showed up in town and performed at an overly well lit VFW hall. It was serendipity!

  5. Rent a cabin/house near some solid outdoor activities and walking distance to at least two good bars. Ski towns and beach towns are solid and can have lots to do even in the off-season. Off-seasons are great in terms of price too.

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