What are some movies where the protagonist is framed as the good guy but is definitely the bad guy?

What are some movies where the protagonist is framed as the good guy but is definitely the bad guy?

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  1. As much as I love Jack Black in School of Rock, he commits identity theft, robs those kids of like a semester of education, and tanks the reputation of the principal and school while doing so, and yes, he does teach the kids some valuable lessons, but in the real world he’d so be in prison and maybe even the sex offenders’ list for that “touched your children” comment he made to the parents.

  2. Spoilers since it’s the whole plot but >!A Perfect Getaway!<

    You follow a couple and there’s rumors of a killer near their vacation spot. They hike with another couple who act shady and the protagonists have these private talks about being careful. Turns out they were the killers and and all the conversations were cut to make it seem that way. At the end they give you a few extra clips to connect the dots.

    All their conversations were about not getting caught and not about avoiding the killers

  3. A lot of these commenters really don’t understand the meaning of the word antihero. They’re listing things like Breaking Bad and Fight Club where the whole point is that they’re not the good guy.

  4. Indiana Jones is certainly the good guy as compared to the Nazis, but he’s taking artifacts from the people they belong to and bringing them back to museums in the United States without those peoples’ say so.

  5. “Karate Kid” ends up on lists like this a lot. But I don’t recall the details. Basically it’s a bunch of stuff about how Daniel is always buttin’ in on Danny’s action, and starting fights and making an ass of himself. Daniel is doing a bunch of stuff he has no business doing, and is *really* the bully in the flick.

  6. V for Vendeta is a really frustrating movie for me. He wants to overthrow the government for hurting a bunch of people. Then needlessly hurts someone in the most tramitizing way possible. How is he not a total Hypocrite?

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