What are you struggeling with at the moment?

What are you struggeling with at the moment?

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  1. The modern world. Sometime between when I was 25 and 30, everyone started disregarding the people in their lives and started living on their phones. Then like 2 years later, all the little kids were radical leftists who want to kill everyone for the cause. We’re fucked yall.

  2. I asked an online group of teachers how to be more empathetic to students. Half of them had amazing suggestions. The other half went off on how kids need to be prepared for life by being treated tough, life doesn’t hand out participation certificates.

    I am struggling with telling the later group how hard they should go fuck themselves. 1. They didn’t answer the question. 2. What is a high school diploma of not a participation certificate. 3. I’m sorry the real world hurt them and they had to retreat to the safety of academia, but they shouldn’t punish the children for the pain they suffered.

    Probably just keep my mouth shut.

  3. Getting over my ex. It’s hard to shake the feeling that I’ll never find someone who checked as many boxes as she did. And it’s not like she was my first relationship. No one sparked my flame the way she did. I imagine it’s gonna hurt for awhile.

  4. My hands smelling like fish. I keep going fishing every day, keep handling bait, keep catching and cleaning fish, I wear gloves some of the time but it’s not practical all the time and I need all my finger dexterity. I’m addicted to the whole process, but my hands just never stop smelling like fish no matter how much I wash them.

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