What did your parent never teach you?

What did your parent never teach you?

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  1. How to cook or do laundry. Anything to do with money beyond a basic checking and savings account. How to healthily deal with emotions. How to deal with mean friends/people in a positive way. My “sex talk” was the night before my wedding (I was 22). How to have arguments in a healthy way.

  2. Being happy with yourself.

    Constantly: “Look at bla bla bla, he has a fancy watch and a silver trumpet” (and was a 5th year highschool senior dating a highschool freshmen).

    “bla bla bla has a MBA, you should get one”

    “bla bla bla is a Doctor, why aren’t you”

    “you should be happy they gave you a job, never take overtime pay”. My mommy was very upset when I got a very generous relocation package 🙂

  3. How to use firearms

    Like I basically taught myself most things, my dad has owned guns, but isn’t really well versed with operation and some nuances

    It’s a lot easier out in rural areas, because you can start with air rifles when you’re a kid, and slowly build your way up as your knowledge and experience base grows

  4. Some really basic manners.

    Calling people sir or ma’am is completely unnatural to me. Found myself in a courtroom & didn’t know to call the judge “Your honor.” Often left the Mr. Mrs. & Miss off teacher names in school, just last named it like they were hockey players or some shit.

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