what do you think is the root of all evil?

what do you think is the root of all evil?

What do you think?

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  1. The root of all evil is the concept of “more”. Even if money is eliminated from society, humans will seek out “more”. Our bodies aren’t good enough so we find or make jewelry with which to adorn ourselves. We want bigger and more elaborate dwellings in which to live, and faster transportation (even if it’s just horses!) to carry us around. These yearnings for “more” are where evil can be found as we must ask ourselves how far we will go to get these things.

  2. Stupidity

    You don’t start wanting more until you start thinking you can’t live without it. You don’t start abusing power until you start thinking you’re untouchable. You don’t start being scared of or hating something until you start thinking it’ll hurt you or unless you don’t know what it really is. And you don’t ignore things until you start thinking they’re not worth your time or effort.

  3. The fear of death, unfortunately.

    Mortality salience makes people cling to old ideas and resort to tribalism. It makes them unempathetic and insular. It makes people fearful and appeal to autocrats and authoritarians. I cues people to find scapegoats and blame others for all of the problems in the world.

  4. Desire/Drive.

    I think evil is unavoidable, because it is interwoven into human nature (the sorts of things we want, how much we want them relative to wanting other things, and the limited ability for everyone to get what they want to some degree). The same thing goes with good. Even the concepts as they contrast with each other at their source seems to be built in and limited in fluctuation via an evolutionary leash.

  5. Humanity, we’re inherently selfish beings, as all other living creatures are because well, we want to survive. But if we were somehow the idealized selfless society that people wish for, I mean 1 we’d probably be extinct, but 2 we wouldn’t be human, we’d quite literally be gods, but this is impossible because selfishness is necessary for survival. In fact, if humans never existed, neither would evil, as morals, ethics, etc are all social constructs made by humans.

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