What dog breed you don’t like? Why?

What dog breed you don’t like? Why?

What do you think?

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  1. Cockerpoos, cavapoos, springerpoos – any spaniel/poodle mix. Potentially lovely dogs in themselves most of the time but because they’re so often owned by people who don’t understand that both poodles and spaniels have really high needs for focus and training so they tend to be absolutely manic.

  2. The tiny Mexican dog. Not even trying to spell it. It’s 6 ounces of teeth and hate and toxic poop that burns through the floor. I briefly dated a girl who had one and I was convinced it had escaped some kind of inter-dimensional portal.

  3. This has already been said but Pitbulls.

    Not because of the breed but because of what they are capable of.

    All dogs from Pitbulls to Chihuahuas are capable of biting.

    One breed is able to inflict more damage than the other.

    Of course I’m talking about chihuahuas, they be small, but they be fierce

    …but seriously…

    Pitbulls are bread to kill IF they bite.

    All dogs have an IF factor, all dogs MIGHT bite.

    Pitbulls are bread to inflict damage and kill, other dogs aren’t.

    You can be the best owner in the world, that Pitbull only has to bite once, and it’s lethal.

  4. Pugs, because they look and sound like they exactly are breed to “look like that” but the sounds they make are worrying, that being said I love my little pot bellied inculcar reactor of a dog nephew but man that breed has it ruff!

    (Sorry couldn’t resist)

  5. Pugs. Pug was our family’s dog when I was a child and I’ll be honest, no matter how much we tried, this thing still suffered half of it’s life due to a hundreds of health problems. This breed just shouldn’t exist and I have no idea why people would want to support the breeders to own the dog that can’t even properly breathe

  6. Pit Bull. Because I got bit in the hand by one and was out of work for 3 days.

    Chihuauas and Shih Tzus. Because they’re annoying little dogs that have a “short man complex” that don’t serve a real purpose.

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