What ended your friendship with a former best friend?

What ended your friendship with a former best friend?

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  1. He fucked a mutual friend’s wife. Confided in me that it was happening. I told him he had to end it and come clean. Instead of doing the right thing he started lying to me about it. long story short, I ended our friendship of over 15 years.

  2. Went on a mini-vaca (was supposed to be 4 days) with my best friend in 2021 to NJ, she brought her (then) 8yr old son, I brought my (then) 4 yr old daughter. Her son was so disrespectful, swearing, nasty attitude and so mean to my daughter the entire trip. The last straw was when he ripped a box of cereal out of my daughter’s hand, she started crying and he slapped her across her head. I tried disciplining him and my friend blew up at me and proceeded to DEFEND her son, as she called my daughter a “whiny baby”. We started arguing, I packed our bags and said we’re leaving. I drove 4 hours home without saying a single word to her or her son. Got to her house, threw her bags on her front lawn and peeled out of her driveway.

  3. My former best friend and i were together 24/7 for like 7 years. He was my soulmate but not in an intimate way, like a “soul sister” (he’s gay so we would call each other sisters). We moved to a different city together and everything was great for a few months and then he started asking for help for his portion of the rent (which i was okay with AT FIRST) but he would take longer and longer to get it back to me and eventually i wouldn’t receive it for months. It was his first apartment but i had been living on my own for a while already, so i was used to the rent payments and utilities, but i guess he wasn’t. But he would still buy weed and go out for drinks with friends. I finally confronted him about it and said that he can’t be spending money on these “luxuries” whenever he has debt to pay me and he completely blew up on me and told me to fuck off and all these nasty things. One month from us renewing our lease (i know, stupid of me), he told me that he wanted to live alone- little did i know he was actually going to move in with another friend of his (a coworker actually). He left very suddenly and when i tried contacting about his part of rent and utilities for the last month, i noticed he blocked me. So i called up the coworker he was now living with and he refused to speak with me and his new roommate said I’m sorry and hung up and blocked me too. I was stuck paying almost $3000 by myself (thankfully I was good at saving money) and he still hasn’t paid me back any of it 4 years later. I’ve given up on getting my money though lol

    About a year ago, i was hanging out with friends from our hometown (they were mutuals bc we were always together) and he showed up randomly. It was a good evening but i knew in my head that i wasn’t doing this again. He said it was just like “old times” and he missed me but i wasn’t going to get caught up in that shit again. To this day, he sends me memories on Snapchat and says “we were so cute” and i just reply with a 💚 and that’s it. I would delete him off Snapchat but i don’t want there to be any dreams between my friends and him bc he’s definitely one to cause drama if something like that happens… and he likes to make people choose sides. I really don’t know how i didn’t see any of this when we were besties but I’m glad it’s over,

  4. They started dating a person who was homophobic and told me I was settling for dating my current partner and needed to find a “real relationship” and then proceeded to hit on me. My friend continued their relationship with this person (who cheated on them at least once during the time) and last I heard had 2 children with this person. I did not want to be around any of this crap and moved on with my life

  5. He got a girlfriend, so less time for me. After a few years I got home and saw them moving stuff out (We lived in the same apartment, different floor). They never said anything to me at all, no hint. They just left, not even a card or an invitation. That was the end of the friendship.

  6. Friend pulled the Indian classic:

    Friendship with anon over new friendship started with hardcore drug addiction and hitting tree at fatal velocity.

    Was my best mate when we where kids got sucked into substance abuse like that crab got sucked in by that underwater tube with a crack in it.

  7. Said he wanted to go LARPing, we planned his character for months over the phone while he was at work, asked questions and gave answers.

    The day of the event he said he didn’t want to go he just wanted someone to talk to because he was bored at work. It wasn’t that he had to like it but after all that work to not even try? Bruh.

    A different best friend ended because a then girlfriend asked for an open relationship (my early twenties hoo boy) and when I invited him to join he went and had sex with her immediately (like that day) without even seeing if I wanted to join (and before I ever got to). With time that one is less painful, I mean I did tell him he could. But it just felt extremely self interested.

  8. when i realised i was basically this persons free therapist and we saw each other a lot, evrything was a moan-fest! caused me way more stress and misery than happyness. blamed his wife wanting a divorce on me, said he wrote a book about how bad a friend i have been, so i asked why he keeps contacting me if im so bad, i said iv had enough of your shit, never contact me again.

  9. Wasn’t completely finished, yet. We just hadn’t talked to each other for a while. Then we got speaking and he started acting a bit weird. Until he literally asked me if he could suck my dick for money. Tried upping his bid and changing the scenery a few times getting me to accept it. Cut off contact, but god damn still shocked some one did that. No matter if it’s a friend of mine, but who the fk asks some one if you could suck his dick and even pay for it? WTF?

  10. Religion, he got into it and aggressively tried to get me to convert, politely but firmly told him to back off, he then cut me off entirely [apparantly also tried to get some other friends of mine to do the same but they didn’t listen]

  11. My best friend (kinda my only friend) stopped talking to me from one day to another. Never was able to get in contact with him again. Didn’t respond to calls or texts, wasn’t home when I showed up, nothing.

    I still don’t know if I did something wrong or what his motivation was.

    It’s been just over 4 years now. Still sucks at times.

  12. She told me I was her best friend, but didn’t put me in her wedding party. But continued to ask me for wedding styling advice for her bridesmaids. It all stung but I got over it. She also told me she needed me at her bachelorette and I was helping her brainstorm ideas.

    We talked daily. One morning we talked like normal and that evening I saw posts of her on her bachelorette. Her response when I asked about it? “Oh someone surprised me with it sorry you’re upset”

    Blocked her and haven’t looked back (and I’ve been a bridesmaid for better friends multiple times since 😊)

  13. We grew up together, went to school together got jobs at the same company, we sort of unofficially lived together. We were inseparable, until I voiced my concerns about her now ex boyfriend; dude was weird and basically abusive, she cut off most of her friends to please him and then when I was the last one left he moved in with her andm shut her off from family too until she had a mental breakdown, he left her on her own. Now she’s on medication for bipolar, she recently reached out again but like we’re never gonna be the same, I don’t know how – even though I miss her :'(

  14. Narcissism on his behalf. We were the best of friends for about 20 years. Went through a tough period of my life and told him how it made me feel and all he had to say was “quit looking at negative things on the internet.” Then to top it off, I ask him to hang out one day and he says he doesn’t want to because “an hour drive is too far to just hang out.” Tried reconnecting a couple months ago to see if there was anything worth saving in our friendship and he made it perfectly clear by saying “I don’t want to hang out with everyone and their stupid fucking girlfriends.” Cut him off and have not looked back

  15. Whenever we went out, he would hide himself if any of his other friends or our mates were around. I didn’t mind it in the beginning. Later I found out he would talk shit about me with others so that they won’t be friends with me either and spread rumors about me. When a date basically got me drunk and tried to do things he blamed me for acting like a victim. His mom had passed away from cancer recently so I didn’t pick up any fight or anything but soon afterwards I cut him out of my life anyway.

  16. Just cold shoulder. One day just stopped talking to me, we went from all day every day having something going on to not even a text. The only thing I could think of is that his girlfriend didn’t like me. Which is crazy considering I was friends with her before she knew him. Hell I introduced her to him. That led to me falling out with a whole group of people, buttt I still have a friend left so winning still.

  17. He transitioned and she wanted new friends of her own, not his old ones, so I was pushed out after 20 years. She reaches out every once in a while now to say hi, and we are cordial, but despite understanding the desire to make new friends who have only known her as a woman, it still hurt, so there’s no friendship left there, just perfunctory geniality.

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