What food is being praised too much?

What food is being praised too much?

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  1. Fillet steak. People have the impression that’s it’s the creme-de-la-creme of steak because it’s expensive, but I just don’t like it that much. It’s tender, yes, but pretty flavourless. Beef fillet is a great cut for certain applications, but if I want a steak to sear and eat as-is, I’ll go for a ribeye every time.

  2. This could also be an unpopularopinion post, but Wagyu.

    I just don’t think it’s that good, and certainly not worth the price. Don’t get me wrong, it tastes great and is very juicy prepares properly, but sometimes it can just be too tender.

    I like my steak medium rare, but I also want it to have a little bit of chew to it. Similar to how pasta is prepared al dente so it still has a bit of firmness to it.

  3. any exotic berry or fruit. It’s the superfood that will cure everything!

    Then demand goes up

    farms go up, deforestation occurs and the price soars until the next fruit is announced, or they find that the berry has toxins in it and must be heavily processed.


    also girlscout cookies are marked up 500% and still uses palm oil from flattened amazon forests, even though the girlscouts are still trying to find a way to create demand for sustainable palm oil so im not knocking them too hard

  4. Said it in a few threads recently and I stick by it. Stop praising sushi like it’s this amazing deep complex dish.

    Like conceptually think about it this entire roll is mostly just a rice with tiny slivers of vegetables and raw fish in the middle wrapped up in basically salty paper and you’re supposed to dip this into a condiment that is basically liquid salt as well just to make this shit not just be bland and disappointing

    Oh by the way it’s like the $13 not for the whole log but for like three of those little slices of it you know despite the fact that even if you’re using good fish the ingredients in this thing can’t cost more than like $5 total and in reality is probably closer to like a dollar total since you’re probably not purchasing this sushi at a place that actually uses some fancy rare fish or whatever. you’re probably just getting salmon slapped in there

    Also at least here in America despite how freely we bastardize the traditions of other cultures suddenly with this kind of food we have to stick true to tradition and use 2 little wooden sticks as basically a really shitty disconnected pair of pliers to pick up these round discs of food and like this is believed to the point where you will be shamed and made fun of for not doing so even if you’re just eating it in the comfort of your own home or eating it from somewhere cheap

    Like sorry I don’t like my eating to feel like a game at a carnival I just want to get this shit into my mouth and enjoy it especially considering how much of a premium I paid for this log/roll of mostly rice

    It’s not even very filling nobody ever just goes and eats sushi and is like damn I’m stuffed that was a great meal. Like no they literally charge you the price of like a decent dinner for it and I come away just feeling barely at all satisfied or filled.

    Like imagine if your mom called you down for dinner she handed you a very small bowl of rice with two thin strips of carrot and fish on top and told you that was dinner? Would you be full would you be even satisfied? I certainly as fuck wouldn’t be.

    I’m not even really fat I’m only like 5 lb over what’s healthy weight for my height/weight/age etc I can live on a fairly small amount of food but this just ain’t it chief

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