What is a trope in movies/tv shows that drives you bonkers?

What is a trope in movies/tv shows that drives you bonkers?

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  1. When the guy keeps persuing the girl even when the girl makes it clear that she doesnt want things to progress. I saw a movie where this took place. Guy met a woman, chatted with her, asked her out, she said no. Showed up at her workplace the next day, asked her out again, she said yes, and they lived happily ever after.

    Thats just very stalkerish and creepy and sadly, some people take inspiration from this stupid trope and do it in real life

  2. Most romantic comedies where for some reason the protagonist and love interest don’t like each other the slightest bit. They hate one another, but somehow along the way they develop feelings for one another. I don’t get it. Maybe one or two movies I could buy it, but it’s so overdone.

  3. Where the pretty, popular main character suddenly develops a serious mental illness like an eating disorder and then dramatically faints and everyone is like *oh no* and gives her a lot of attention, she eats a burger, all is well and she’s CuREd. Eds/mental illness doesn’t work like that in real life, you can’t cure it so easily and glamorizing and trivializing it in media/tv shows perpetuates the stereotypes.

  4. People either complete the necessary telephone dialogue, and promptly hang up without another word, and/or when they say “Let’s do dinner tonight, how does 7 sound? Great.” and they hang up without discussing where, if they’re meeting who’s driving, anything.

  5. Perfect conversations.

    My wife loves shows like NCIS and Criminal Minds. They’ll have 8 people speaking in a circle with nobody interrupting each other and smooth transitions from character to character on who speaks vs. listens.

    I hate it.

  6. When a character has clearly and openly betrayed nearly everyone, yet they keep them around, allow them access to things and leave them completely unguarded.

    Oh, here’s this woman who has tried to murder us several times,and has admitted to being here under false pretenses. Let’s leave her alone in the armory!

  7. Grimdark antihero who’s a piece of shit 90% of the time does one good thing or has one redeeming trait to prove he has a heart of gold.

    Makes me long for some good old fashioned mid-20th century camp. Where the good guys are, well, good people.

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