What is the coolest thing you have ever found?

What is the coolest thing you have ever found?

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  1. when i was 10 or so i found 2 civil war horse bridles (i think that’s what they’re called) in a dried up creek i was playing in. i showed my dad and we went to a local museum and dude told us all about them. we gave one to the guy and kept the other. i don’t know where it is now though.

  2. I once found a 1901 Penny with Queen Victoria on it.

    When I found it (I was like 12) I thought it was the coolest thing as I know she only lived like 3 weeks into the year, so of course I thought it must be rare.

    Now I learnt last year (after QEII passed away) coins for the remainder of the year, and sometimes the following year (if sovereign died late in the year) after a sovereigns death normally are of that person and the new regent doesn’t normally take their place on the coins until the year after.

  3. I bought Radiohead’s “Kid A” album at release, and after ripping the disc to MP3s it got stuck in my shelf and gathered dust.

    Until I saw a discussion over a decade later, about the hidden artbook in the case, and I was like “wait, WHAT artbook??” And sure enough, when I removed the tray that held the CD, I found a booklet hidden underneath.

    A real world easter egg that had been sitting under my nose for years.

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