What lifestyle change are you currently trying to make?

What lifestyle change are you currently trying to make?

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  1. Adapting minimalism, both financially and as a lifestyle. Creating a strict budget that does allow for some spending on wants, but directing/saving money for long term sustainability. Decluttering my closet and donating items I no longer wear. The way I see it – a simple mind is a peaceful mind.

  2. My weight. I have been training for ten months to get my weight up( I was underweight) and after ten months I am due to sit a medical to say I am fit to box, I have months of dedication to the gym behind me and am just above the average weight of my age. So I’d call it a success

  3. I’m trying to make a few (keep in mind I’m 24M):

    Moving out (again)

    Getting my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering (already have a general studies associate’s)

    Aiming to be more outgoing

    Pick up a new hobby or 2

    Make new friends

    Dating (even though I’m still kind of scared about this one)

  4. I’m trying to get out of my shell. I just moved to a new state, and it’s been fun meeting people so far, but I still have the overwhelming anxiety and insecurities about the little things that come with getting out, but they’re getting better 🙂

  5. Saunas.

    I listened to a few podcasts that made a convincing case that it’s a worthwhile use of your time, even if you already do the obvious like sleep right, eat right and exercise, so I’m incorporating them into my routine now.

  6. I can’t really speak for this right now, although I’d like to start again soon.

    But when I cut alcohol out for a few months, completely, I noticed a few things.

    My mental health improved vastly. I lost a lot of weight without having to try that hard. The eczema on my face cleared and I no longer had cold sore outbreaks. My self confidence grew. My appetite improved and my general alertness did too. I felt happier and more at peace. I stopped having anxiety attacks. I slept better. I had a better outlook on my future and the weight of hardships I was facing weren’t as heavy.

    I know this may sound extreme to some. But I’m talking to those who have the occasional beer or glass of wine to those who may abuse alcohol. I just wanted to share that it made my life a lot easier. I hope everyone is doing well.

  7. I sold my house and moved back in with friends. Having people I enjoy being around all the time is a huge quality of life improvement for me over being alone or having meh or sub par house mates. I also like that with just one room there is so much less to worry about and less incentive to buy things.

  8. Going to the gym. I started about 8 months ago. I’m also really cheap so I feel like a gym membership is a waste of money… so what actually motivates me to go is that I am basically wasting my money if I don’t go. I signed a 2 year membership.

    It does help me relieve stress, helps me separate from work (when I go after work), and gives me the alone time I crave.

  9. Went vegan and started eating a high carb low fat diet.

    Life’s just so great when I can eat my healthy ice cream for breakfast and eat as much as I want without worrying about calories. I’m honestly excited for every meal because food is just so delicious now.

    I also finally lost the stubborn 10 pounds I didn’t think I could lose and most importantly knowing that I’m not supporting animal cruelty has brought alot of light into my life.

  10. Eating right, losing weight, saving up money, getting my driver’s license and getting along with others. Lately I’ve been a jerk to my friends and now I barely have any friends because of me doing dumb shit. I wish I could start things all over but I can’t. I just need to move on.

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